Class 11 Accountancy: Timetable for revision before the exam:-

Whenever preparing for the accountancy exam, the most common for students is which book prepares them well to score best. The short answer is NCERT. This is because curriculums like CBSE follow in-depth ideas and comprehensively give knowledge to students. Hence, for the Accountancy subject in Class 11, it is recommended for students who wish to score 95% and above. This book comes with attached exercises aid for revising purposes. This perfectly helps the students to indulge in a deep understanding of the subject more clearly. 

 Talking about preparation for board exams, it is highly recommended to use the right study material and other sources at the time of preparation. 

 To prepare well and score better marks, students mainly follow CBSE board study materials. In this article, we are diving deep into this topic and understand why NCERT books are given much importance when it comes to CBSE board exams and how to prepare for Class 11 Accountancy with the help of NCERT books. 

 Here we are, to understand important details of studying in NCERT books for Board Exams. These books are with solutions with important questions with solutions and it is totally free of cost. 

 What are NCERT books?

Yearly, a new syllabus will be introduced and this is in accord with the latest CBSE study syllabus, exam pattern, and blueprints. Based on this particular latest syllabus, The National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) introduces and distributes textbooks to the students at the primary as well as secondary standards. Well, these books are known as NCERT books, again highly recommended to prepare for board exams. 

 Why NCERT during exams?

 Before enumerating the importance of NCERT books, basically, NCERT books have a great advancement for preparing for Accountancy using NCERT Books Class 11 Accountancy that provides high fundamentals of the subject by which students can clear their basic concepts that are required. Hence, this greatly supports students to get all the doubts to be clarified. 

 NCERT and Exemplar Problems:

 Due to many exemplar sums in the NCERT book, students save their time and practice sums during board exams. This plays a pivotal role during the final revisions and preparations. Most importantly, This NCERT Exemplar Problem Book will have an important question that may come in the board exams. 

 So, from here on we are going to see about the key importance of using NCERT Textbooks for exams. 


 NCERT books are prepared by veterans in the educational field as they do extensive research on each and every topic and subject. Also, NCERT solutions are checked twice by professional teachers and finally, it gets published. Therefore, NCERT Textbooks are the best source for exam preparations. 

 Covers all the basics:

 NCERT Accountancy books greatly help in covering all the concepts and fundamentals for students with making the student understand better and quicker.

 Promptly follows CBSE Curriculum:

 Moving on to the curriculum, 12th Accountancy NCERT books completely follow CBSE’s latest syllabus. This greatly helps the students to be updated with the syllabus and exam arrangement. 

 Massive varieties of Problems to solve:

 NCERT books offer questions and sums that are essential for final board exams. In every chapter, experts provide more problems to solve at the end of each chapter. 

 Explanation in simple language:

 While preparing for Class 11 accountancy, it is highly recommended to use NCERT books. Because, NCERT books provide apt solutions without gauging the intelligence score of a student, in a very simple and lenient language. All accurate details are clearly explained there for students to grasp complex topics very easily while clarifying all the doubts. 

 Hence, these are some of the importance of preparing NCERT books for accountancy. By working out in NCERT textbooks you can excel and be extraordinary. 

 Here are some checklists to follow during the late part of the exam preparation.

 Before going into the last phase of preparation, every student needs to complete the whole Accountancy Class 11 book. By strictly following the syllabus provided in the NCERT book, the student should solve exercises. 

 Accountancy, a vital part for 11th class students, imparts various skills that are essential for transactions of money. Accountancy helps the students to learn about classifying, summarizing, and recording financial transactions. Learning from Accountancy class 11 NCERT books will provide the students to learn more about finance-related handlings. 

 To be proficient in Class 11 Accountancy, every student needs to learn about GAAP, GST, accounting, assets, liabilities, business transactions, special purpose books, and so on. There are two varieties of the book they are, Part 1&2. 

How to use the NCERT book for Accountancy?

CBSE board approves NCERT books for exams due to coverage of fundamentals and thoroughly adhering with the syllabus. This covers both basic and advanced topics to make the students clarify their doubts very effectively. Here are some ideas to follow during the last phase of preparation for the Accountancy exam Class 11. 

Solve umpteen amounts of sums:-

Accountancy textbooks consist of a great number of problems to solve. This includes exercise sums, which enhance their Accounting skills. At the end of each chapter, the textbook brings out specific types of questions. It is important to solve every exercise thoroughly after finishing the entire lesson. 

Get into Table s and Examples

NCERT books recommend numerous examples and tables for the student to understand effortlessly. Unlike the tedious procedure of reading large chunks of text, Tables and examples must be learned to cover all the complex ideas in an easy set of tables. This not only saves time but also makes the student remember the concept for a long period. By learning from the NCERT book, the students will be able to cover the whole syllabus in a short time. 

Go through from origination of the exam paper:-

The main advantage of the CBSE student is that they get questions from NCERT books. Class 11 Accountancy question papers are prepared based on contents provided in NCERT Accounts books. Following NCERT books will enhance the student to bring out their talent and thereby scoring high with minimal effort. 

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