Christmas music: 5 reasons you have got to love them

Every year before we get to experience the month of December, we start playing Christmas songs in anticipation of the festive period. This is the season that everyone looks forward to, whether they like it or not. Christmas music is something that is loved by many people and cultures. The thing about Christmas music is that it isn’t just a seasonal tradition. Music played to enjoy the Christmastime does more than provide an elaborate soundtrack to the season for us. Christmas songs delivers five pleasant experiences that we rarely get in ordinary season. Whether you have your list of top 100 Christmas hits elaborately selected or you prefer any random selection of Christmas music, here are 5 reasons we look forward to playing our favoriteChristmas hits.

1). They keep us cheerful

Nothing compares to the amount of cheer that we get from our best Christmas songs. These songs help cheer us more than any cheerleaders would at a sports event. When the best songs from your top 100 Christmas hits starts playing, you can never sit still but to move and shake your body with a rare happiness. With Christmas songs, you can dance, motion with your hands, or tap your foot.

2). They keep you calm and peaceful

Christmas songs whether they are in your top 100 Christmas hits or not always inspire calmness, relaxation, and slow anticipation of the festive season. This is a peaceful mood that accompanies the festive season like a spirit. Albeit a god festive spirit, it involves a collection of music that slowly rocks the soul and triggering a sweet feeling of euphoria like a psychedelic drug will. Due to the level of calmness and euphoric feelings that they evoke, Christmas songs are sometimes used as a music therapy to relive the body from stress even in ordinary times of the year.

3). Sentiment and good memories

The sentiment and good memories of Christmas songs also help trigger that euphoric feeling. These good memories are much sweeter than your favorite candy canes. And only your top 100 Christmas hits can stir up these good memories to deliver euphoric and sentimental emotions that are rare. The good thing about Christmas songs is that each musical style, whether a calm note or a dance tune stir a different type of euphoric feeling. Talk about the different shades of Christmas music. Apart from feelings of Euphoria, Christmas songs are used to help us remember some of them pricelessmemories that we love relapsing to. Only the top 100 Christmas hits can help you relive these priceless sentiments and good memories of euphoria.

4). They get us to moving

There are certain elaborately crafted Christmas songs that touch us deep in our souls. These songs tend to captivate us so much that we tend to stop whatever it is that we are doing and hit the dancefloor moving and shaking our bodies in anticipation to the best festive season of the year. Some songs either make us cry with gratitude or awe, other songs simply make us have goosebumps.

5). The best songs for inspiration

Many people will say that Christmas songs are meant only for kids. We are all kids on the inside. There are certain elaborate collection of Christmas songs – like the top 100 Christmas hits that make us tap into our feelings of childishness. It is that time of the year when everyone feels like a child once more as they anticipate several gifts and presents. The songs also serve as a huge driving force as it inspires us to have a solid celebration throughout the duration of the season.

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