Caribbean Citizenship: Get a Second Passport in St. Lucia

Explore the renowned Caribbean citizenship-by-investment programs, offering favorable terms and tangible advantages. With global instability, planning for a backup plan has become crucial, making citizenship-by-investment programs increasingly popular.

Caribbean citizenship-by-investment programs are well-known all over the world as they offer reasonable conditions and give tangible benefits. The procedure is simple: you make your refundable or non-refundable donation to the country’s economy, submit all documents, wait for all checks to be completed, and finally get your passport (or passports for the whole family, sometimes including parents and grandparents).

The world is not as stable as it was before, so people prefer to make arrangements for Plan B in advance – hence the reason why citizenship-by-investment programs enjoy great popularity. As for the Caribbean region, we recommend you to read our detailed article on safe Caribbean islands on our portal after you find out the details of St. Lucia’s citizenship. 

Our portal is also a place where you can get help with the procedure of obtaining citizenship. The matter is that the authorities in St. Lucia do not accept the application and the package of documents from individuals, so you cannot just send your documents online. You will need a licensed agent to handle your case, and we will help you get a reliable specialist who will do everything remotely.

Meanwhile, let’s look at the details of economic citizenship in St. Lucia.

St. Lucian Passport: Advantages

If you make St. Lucia your second home, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will get a CARICOM passport (Caribbean Community passport) which will allow you and your family members to freely work, live, and study in any Caribbean country.
  • If your country allows dual citizenship, you will have two passports at once.
  • The information about the fact that you acquired St. Lucian citizenship will not be disclosed to your home country unless the authorities send a well-grounded request to do so.
  • You can invest at a profit: the real estate you buy has every chance of bringing profit to you as you can rent it out or resell it at a higher price.
  • And if the taxes in your home country are too high, you can reduce that burden by becoming a tax resident of St. Lucia: the island offers excellent conditions for tax planning and wealth accumulation.

Here are some aspects to enjoy if you decide to live on the island:

  • The living standards here are really high
  • You will benefit from well-developed infrastructure
  • The crime rate is very low
  • If you need up-to-date technologies, they are available on the island
  • The climate here is really wonderful all year round: the rains do not last for more than a few minutes, and the temperature is really comfortable
  • If you are used to luxury accommodation, excellent restaurants and high-quality services, you will find it all in St. Lucia.
  • You can cross the island in about one hour, and still it offers variety as you can live in a city or in the countryside.

Looks attractive? Follow the above link to contact us for more details.

St. Lucian Citizenship: Cost and Procedure

There are three ways to invest in St. Lucia and qualify for the citizenship-by-investment program:

  • Non-refundable contribution to SLNEF (St. Lucia National Economic Fund)
  • Refundable investment into the development project. It may vary greatly: you can purchase real estate or a part of it, or acquire construction company shares. The only requirement remains unchanged: the project should be approved by the government.
  • Refundable investment into the business project (it should also be approved by the government). The examples here include restaurants, seaport facilities, road construction, scientific research, and many other areas.

All refundable investments mean that you will have to hold the property for at least five years. Then you can sell it, redeem your funds, and retain your St. Lucian passport.

The amount of non-refundable investment in SLNEF:

  • 100,000 US dollars if you apply alone
  • 140,000 US dollars for a couple
  • 150,000 US dollars for a couple with two dependents
  • 150,000 US dollars for a couple with two dependents and an additional 15,000 US dollars per each next dependent of any age

The amount you can invest in St. Lucian real estate:

  • 300,000 US dollars for the sole applicant or a couple, including the one with many dependents. You will also have to pay a non-returnable administrative fee of USD 30,000 for the sole applicant, and USD 45,000 for the couple. If you have no more than two dependents under the age of 18, you will pay USD 5,000 per each of them. All other dependents come at USD 10,000.

The amount you can invest in a business project on the island:

  • If this is a joint project sponsored by a group of investors, you can contribute 1,000,000 US dollars and create at least 6 permanent jobs.
  • If you launch a business project as a sole applicant, you will have to invest 3,500,000 US dollars and create at least 3 permanent jobs.
  • Administrative non-refundable fees are applicable as well: USD 50,000 for the sole applicant and USD 85,000 for the couple. If you have dependents under the age of 18, you will pay USD 25,000 per each of them. All older dependents come at USD 35,000.

If an opportunity looks good but you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to follow the above link and ask questions to our experienced specialists who have helped hundreds of citizens obtain a second passport.

We are often asked whether you will have to actually live in St. Lucia before or after you get the passport to become a citizen (as this is a standard requirement in many other countries). The good news is that you are not obliged to do so! A St. Lucian passport may be just an instrument you hold for safety reasons, and you can get it without leaving your home: absolutely everything can be done remotely. Your passports will be sent to any place in the world you want.

Many people wish to have real estate in a tropical paradise to visit from time to time, live there for some time, or even settle down by the seaside to spend their retirement years. You can combine this opportunity with obtaining a St. Lucian passport!

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