Buying Diamond Earrings Online: The Best Places

The following companies are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Blue Nile
  • James Allen
  • Diamond Studs 

And now let’s get into details:

  •  Blue Nile

Ordering and Website:

I think this one will be the easiest. The biggest online retailer (by a long shot) is Blue Nile. Their website is top-notch, and they offer a seamless ordering process. The purchasing process has been fast and easy (we secretly shopped for engagement rings for European readers and for engagement rings for US readers), and I have ordered more than once from them. Of all the companies we worked with, they delivered the product the fastest.

If you are looking for cute earrings for girls  you should choose it .Blue Nile’s strength lies in this area. I especially loved their earrings. They were beautifully cut and extremely brilliant in quality. All inclusions were invisible in the diamonds, which appeared white.

In a survey of five people, four of them picked this pair without hesitation as their favorite.

Returns are easy

It is very easy to return an item to Blue Nile. To return it, you should use registered mail. Within a few days of returning it, we received a confirmation email and credit was applied to our account.

  • James Allen

Ordering process and website

We can also recommend James Allen easily. Their online retail business rivals that of Blue Nile. The best secret shopping experience I had was with James Allen. James Allen is the cream of the crop when it comes to navigation, product options, customer service, and price. 

James Allen’s stud earrings were exactly what we were looking for. In addition to the higher quality of the Blue Nile pieces, James Allen’s also costs more. You can go the extra mile with either option, and you will not regret it.

Getting back to you easily

Returns are handled seamlessly. The money was credited back to my account within a few days. Everything went smoothly.


Ordering process and website

We did not find the customer service very helpful, despite the streamlined and easy-to-use website. Getting someone to answer an email or answer the phone was difficult for my sister when ordering a pair. We were able to get the order placed in the end. The earrings arrived promptly, however.

There was a bit of a flop here. The diamonds weren’t horrible, but they weren’t great either. They may be a good choice for the price point.

However, the quality of cut was noticeably worse on the Blue Nile pair. The sparkle just wasn’t there to make them stand out (which is essential when choosing earrings.

Moreover, they were deeper cut, which gave them a smaller appearance. There were no issues with craftsmanship, color, or inclusions. Even though the quality was much better than the next two sites, we weren’t quite satisfied with it.

You get nicer earrings by spending a little more on one of those sites if your budget is really tight. This is a good alternative to Blue Nile if you are really strapped for money.

Returns are easy

Once again, it was difficult to get someone to answer the phone. After speaking with them, however, everything went smoothly. The company also provided us with a return shipping label (we received it via email once we informed them we would return it).

  •  Diamond Studs

Ordering and Website:

The quality has dropped noticeably here. There is a noticeable difference between this and the previous options. There are many discount banners spread throughout the site and it is not as easy to navigate.

The company isn’t large, as you can see.

On the site, it wasn’t difficult to order the diamonds. We received a package from Diamonds Studs 4 Less last out of all the companies.