Bikini bottom style for your shape

The swimwear world has a variety of styles, cuts, and designs. Almost every season designers are introducing new, classy, and trendy designs of bathing suits. Having such a huge variety of swimwear, finding the right swimwear or bikini set as well as bikini bottoms that perfectly flatter our bodies becomes really difficult. How would beach babes know to choose the most flattering bikini bottoms? As usual, we are here to help. To find the best style that feels comfortable fits best to your figure and accentuates your shape you must know that a specific bikini bottom style suits specific body shapes. Select your bikini bottom on the basis of comfort, and style to complete your bikini set. If you are one who prefers bikini online shopping, ishine365 offer a huge range of bikini bottom designs and styles that flatter every body shape and style. So keep reading to know about the bikini bottom style for your body shape. 

Hipster bikini bottoms

Hipster bikini bottoms are the best fit for women having love handles, the excess fatty areas on both sides of the waist above the hip. The wide band of hipster pants fits smoothly on the abdomen and lower back, so that you may not worry about your love handles and rock the beach with confidence. Hipster bikini bottoms help you to give a flattering waist and make your body toned. Hipster pants also work for those women who have boxy style bum or an athletic body type. Hipster-style bikini bottoms come in several styles, so pick the one that suits you better and you feel super comfy and confident.

Brazilian bikini bottoms

Women with smaller buttocks can opt for Brazilian style because it creates an illusion of a larger bum shape. For the past ten or twenty years Brazilian bikini style remains a favorite among beach babes, who want less coverage. Brazilian bottoms have higher cuts near the cheeks of the bum, so it will help you in covering less skin. But if you have a wide or round shaped bum, then you should avoid this style as it will give the opposite effect because bikinis with more fabric will make your buttocks appear even larger. So choose a Brazilian cute bikini bottoms if you want to show off your snake-hipped shape.

Side-tie bikini bottoms

Women with large bums should go for side-tie bikini bottoms. Depending on how much coverage you want, choose your side-tie bikini bottom that helps you to lift your booty and highlight your cheeky bum. It is also good for women with a flat bum. Ties come in a variety of designs such as thin ties and wide bow tie knots embellished with other detailing. The thin ties of side-tie bikini bottoms grab attention to the sides of your hips and divert focus from your back and make the buttocks curvier. One of the plus points of a side-tie bikini is that you can adjust them according to the shape and style you prefer. So select one of your choices that you want to add to your swimwear collection.

Skirted bikini bottoms

Skirted bottoms are another option for women with smaller bums. For those who want a little coverage but still want to off their curves, a skirted bikini bottom is the best style for them. Skirted bikini bottoms are designed in different styles which give adjustable coverage, boost confidence, look glamorous, and are great for poolside games and activities. Skirted bikini bottoms include crocheted, tie-side, longer length, and frilly styles.

 High-waisted bikini bottoms

If you want to focus on your natural curves, choose a high-waisted bikini bottom. The high waistband of the high-waisted bikini bottom helps to lift small or flat buttocks. This creates the illusion of a lifted bum and is perfect for flattering curves, giving you a beautiful coverage and stunning beach look. High-waisted bikini bottoms are perfect for those who have curvy bodies and long torsos. High-waisted bathing suit bottoms cover the belly button, so its main advantage is that they make the waistline notable. High-waisted bikini bottoms can be the most perfect bikini bottom for you, so choose it wisely to add a sophisticated touch to an already glamourous beach look.

Now that you know about different bikini bottoms styles, you can choose the one that works for you according to your bottom shape, to create a confident look on your next beach trip.

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