Betting On Different NFL Content

The NFL season has been flying by for the first seven weeks, and we are about to enter the eighth week of the 2022 NFL regular season. It is not too late to start betting on games and other future props for the remainder of the 2022 NFL regular season.

There are different NFL picks to bet on when it comes to NFL sports betting. How do you bet on some of this stuff for first-timers?

Betting On Super Bowl Winners

For example, say you want to bet +450 on the Buffalo Bills to win Super Bowl LVII this season. Put in the amount of money you want to bet to win that prop. Say you put a $10 bet on this. If you get it correctly, you can win a $45.00 net profit with it and cash out $55.

It is always important to do some research when betting on teams to win the Super Bowl. Never bet on +10000 odds teams like the Detroit Lions to win because that is just throwing away your money. There is also some value in finding some lower-tier teams to make a run.

Say, if you are a Tennessee Titans fan, they will probably win the AFC South and maybe make a run. If you want to believe in your team, place a $10 bet for odds of +2000 for them. You could win $200 if the Titans were Super Bowl Champions this season, and it would be a total cash out of $210.

Betting On Money Lines

Money lines are where people can place bets for NFL teams to win an NFL game outright. NFL Predictions are made on a week-to-week basis. Say the Denver Broncos are facing the Los Angeles Chargers. Denver has +230 odds to win, and Los Angeles has -290 odds to win.

If you place a bet on Denver to win, you can win $230 and cash out $330 with the bet. For Los Angeles, all you can win is $34.48, and the cashout total would be $134.48. Both of these bets are for $100. The plus odds mean you have a better chance of winning more money with your bet within reason.

Never bet a money line that is over -300, and try to stay away from money lines that are also +400 because those are signs of massive favorites and massive underdogs.

Betting On Point Spreads

Point spreads are one of the hardest things to bet on in the NFL. There is a trick to this because it is not about who is necessarily going to win the football game. It is about whether this will win by a certain amount of points or not. Say the match-up is the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Detroit Lions. The Pittsburgh Steelers are (-2.5) favorites (-110) odds over the Detroit Lions (+2.5) (-110) odds.

Do you think that Pittsburgh is going to win by three or more points against Detroit? If you don’t think that will happen for that particular game, then bet Detroit (+2.5) (-110) over Pittsburgh (-2.5) (-110).

NFL Expert Picks would have this one as a coin flip because this would be a very tight football game, and it can go either way. This football game would be interesting to watch as well.

Betting On Over/Unders

The over/under means how many points will be scored in this football game. Say the Cincinnati Bengals are facing the Indianapolis Colts. The over/under for this football game is set at 43.5 total points. The odds for it to go over/under are -115, so it has the same money value no matter how much money is put down on it.

If you think the Bengals are going to score 30 points in the football game because of quarterback Joe Burrow, but the Colts are going to score no more than 10 points in this football game because of quarterback Sam Ehlinger, then bet the under 43.5 total points in this game between these two teams. The over/under feels more about common sense than anything else for some odd reason.