Best White Label Partners – TOP 5

Due to its high liquidity and availability, the Forex market is a very interesting segment for investments. Many companies today are thinking about how to start a forex business. First of all, you will need to obtain a license, select a high-quality liquidity aggregator, and obtain all the necessary documents. But you must understand that there is very high competition in this segment. Therefore, brokers try to offer clients the maximum number of advantages: good functionality, professional support service, and a high level of security. The company must be perfect in the eyes of the potential client.

And every business owner has several options at the start of the journey. For example, he can spend a lot of money developing and creating a crypto exchange with unique tools and benefits. But this path requires serious financial and time resources. However, there is a great solution – use a white label FX solution.

What are the Features of White Label Solution?

White label Forex solution helps you create your own crypto exchange with high efficiency and minimal costs. The essence of the proposal is that the partner company provides the business owner with ready-made solutions. The newcomer gets access to innovative technologies, provides white label cryptocurrency exchange software, and also provides 24/7 support. Let’s talk more about the features of the white label solution.

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White label trading platform has several important advantages:

  •         The business owner has the opportunity to receive ready-made solutions at all stages of this process, including paperwork, obtaining a license, and setting up the platform.
  •         Brokers can save money by starting a cryptocurrency exchange with minimal costs. For example, the cost of the MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5 platform ranges from 100 to 200 thousand dollars. In case of cooperation with a white label partner, you get it for rent for 10-150 thousand dollars.
  •         Customers have access to a professional support service, ready to help at any time (24 hours 7 days a week). This advantage allows you to start a cryptocurrency exchange efficiently and avoid newbie mistakes.
  •         Also, a white label company can be a quality liquidity provider providing excellent mediation between traders and market makers.
  •         WL products are constantly updated so that brokers have access to the latest technology.

So, a white-label solution has many advantages and is an excellent choice for novice brokers. And today there are dozens of companies offering their services. And the business owner must choose the best option for creating a cryptocurrency exchange. We present you with a list of companies worthy of your attention.


It is a reliable partner working with the best forex prime brokers. The company constantly introduces innovative solutions and offers users a wide range of opportunities. This allows B2Broker and its partners to be at the forefront and dominate the industry.

For example, B2Broker customers get access to large pools of liquidity. The company is a reliable provider of liquidity, as it cooperates with Tier1 market makers (large international and investment funds). This allows you to minimize the execution time of the transaction, which is very convenient for the trader (no price slippage, minimal spreads, and zero delays in order execution).

The company also offers the most convenient and popular trading platforms (MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5). This approach allows you to access dozens of professional trading instruments and timeframes. Thanks to this, the client can make trading as efficient and convenient as possible.

Moreover, B2Broker provides quality white label crypto exchange software and provides access to the best payment providers. And the B2BinPay system allows you to accept cryptocurrency payments, accepting not only bitcoin but other crypto payments as well. Such advantages allow brokers to win the competition for the user and take the business to the next level.

Choosing a B2Broker as a partner gives additional benefits to a novice broker. For example, the company is constantly introducing new solutions, and the company’s clients get access to the B2Core white label. This is a professional CRM system that allows you to conduct a thorough analysis of active customers and build a strategy aimed at conquering new markets.

Soft FX

Another partner to help create a crypto exchange with maximum efficiency. This platform provides a broker with a key with multilevel liquidity, an excellent back office, and convenient functionality for corporate clients (extensive functionality and high-quality cryptocurrency exchange software). Also, high-performance software works well and has several mobile options. Therefore, clients can trade using smartphones. SoftFX started its activity in 2005, and since then has managed to gain a foothold among the leaders of the segment.

The broker gets access to highly efficient turnkey solutions (A-book and B-book models). In addition, an internal matching engine and links to liquidity aggregators are provided to business owners so that they can provide registered traders with optimal trading opportunities.

Additional capabilities available to SoftFX clients include communication with Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems. CRM systems provide high-quality and accurate analytics that allow you to make predictions and change the broker’s strategy. The service offers sixty payment sources and is a quality liquidity provider. However, there are also disadvantages – SoftFX doesn’t accept Bitcoin payments (only fiat currencies).

Like B2Broker, SoftFX offers clients a large number of excellent turnkey options and the ability to use off-the-shelf tools.


Leverate is known to many traders as an excellent partner helping start cryptocurrency exchange. One of the most popular solutions is the LXSuite package. This package gives the broker the ability to create a cryptocurrency exchange under his own name. An excellent and versatile solution that does not require serious financial costs.

Moreover, Leverate offers several of the most popular trading platforms. The client selects MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and SIRIX from the list. Partners can create their own website with a unique color scheme and functionality, get a high-quality CRM of a high level and a professional support service. Also, Leverate offers a list of additional tools. For example, a trader can use the Copy-Trading strategy by repeating the trades of professional players. And one more advantage – the company provides access to large pools of liquidity.

If we are talking about mobility, then Leverate also has its merits. This is quality software. Thanks to this, the user can trade on the cryptocurrency exchange white label from a mobile phone or tablet.

Professional customer support is available around the clock. Highly qualified employees of the company will help solve problems as soon as possible, giving excellent advice.

X Open Hub

Another partner who can help you create a white label crypto exchange. XOH Traders is popular among users due to its excellent functionality and wide range of features. This platform is a great solution for creating a white label cryptocurrency exchange.

X Open Hub also benefits from its partnerships with several major liquidity providers. The service works with large banks and investment funds (Tier1). Therefore, the trader has access to a large pool of liquidity. This means that his orders are executed instantly and with minimal spread. A high level of liquidity is an important feature and is seen as a component of a stand-alone or complex product.

Also, the client can integrate various components, payment systems, or CRM, but these are not offered by X Open Hub as turnkey solutions.


An excellent startup focused on the creation and implementation of CRM systems. Newbie brokers who trade currencies are interested in a quality product that allows for thorough market analysis.

One of the most popular solutions is the Web-terminal UpTrader, which combines a quality CRM system and an affordable trading platform. Also, the package contains unique business models (A book and B book) and a wide list of settings (the broker can manage risks, carry out modifications and branding).

UpTrader is an excellent solution for a broker seeking to start a crypto exchange with maximum efficiency in the shortest possible time. The implementation process takes about a week.

Thanks to this article, you have learned how to start a crypto exchange in Forex. Cooperation with the above services allows you to create the best white label cryptocurrency exchange and win the competition for a potential client, acting as efficiently as possible.

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