A lot of people seem not to understand the value of music or soundtrack in film making or Watch full movies online(ดูหนังออนไลน์เต็มเรื่อง) production. The truth is that the music in a video helps to manipulate the emotions of the audience whether good or bad, happy or sad. A musical soundtrack in a video also helps to captivate the interest of an audience helping them to pay more than the usual attention and helps them also to remember what they have watched.

In 1994 a survey was made to test musical effects on brand attitude and it was discovered that about 50 percent of the audience watched the apple juice with music and the other 50 percent watched it without any music. 23 percent of the audience who watched it with music was able to understand that there are so many good things about the beverage and one of them was “drinking something natural.” For the other half, only 4% came back with the same sentiment. The point is that music is a very powerful way of both captivating and maintaining the interest of the audience in any video presentation.

In the world of video making, producers are not always gifted with a team consisting of music makers to figure out the right track that fits each video produced. Producers have to rely on websites for music. But these websites often provide this music in stocks and they most often require a royalty payment for each of the music that they offer.

The problem is that most of our producers cannot include those charges in their budget so this makes it very difficult. That is why it is my pleasure to bring to your notice that we have discovered 9 of the top royalty-free websites that offer high-quality music which will help you to create the best soundtracks for your videos.

Best Royalty-free Music websites 

In this list, we included many great websites based on IMHO Reviews suggestions and added some of our favorites, so you won’t have to waste your time searching it yourself.


Shutterstock is the official owner of this website which has sizable and diverse collections of high-quality royalty-free music for video making. It has more than ten thousand tracks that can be segmented into mood, genre, instruments, artists, duration, and beats per one minute. They have experts that also curate the pick playlist of an editor. The playlist has about 857 of the best tracks of PremiumBeat that enables to you make an amazing soundtrack for all your videos.

Epidemic sound

Due to the coming/working together of some talented and proficient musicians that are available in the market, soundtracks from epidemic sound are often being featured on Facebook and youtube videos that produce more than twenty billion views every single month. This website has made more than 725 royalty-free music albums, which include genres like “First Snow” to “Corporate”, allowing a user to create a diversity of top-quality soundtracks for his/her videos.


This website partners with top indie musicians to produce original tracks to help companies like Microsoft, Toyota, and Nat Geo Wild to make good soundtracks for their videos. Artlist has curated numerous tracks that can be selected by mood, instruments, tempo, duration, and more. They also make their partner artist’s theme collections and tracks and even spotlight their albums as well.

Music vine

This is another good website for video creators and filmmakers. They work with more than 160 independent and professional artists to produce close to 3,000 tracks which you can select according to the style, genre, theme, or vibe you’re going with which makes it easy for you to determine the mood you’re looking for. They also give some of their website’s sections to their musicians so that people can follow their music and feel connected.


This website partners with close to 90 musicians worldwide and has a range of over 50 playlists which spans from genres of sport & action to wedding. The songs can also be filtered by duration, vocals, genre, key, mood, pace, and beats per one minute.

On Soundstripe you have the privilege of opening an account and following playlists, musicians, create your playlists and also like songs. And if you want your video to have sound effects, Soundstripes has close to 30 sound effects categories that range from sci-fi to construction.


This website not only gives you royalty-free songs that span close to 70 categories, like the instrumental palette, music genre, mood, and video & film, but it still allows you to make your own customization of each of the tracks by its power, momentum, and depth. This allows you to access unlimited creative possibilities for a video soundtrack to make your choice from.


Now, this website for filmmakers and video creators has the largest libraries of royalty-free songs on earth. With more than half a million tracks in about 36 various genres at your disposal, you can create soundtracks for any kind of video project, be it Hawaiian or action.


The eighth best website for filmmakers and video creators that we will talk about today is ccMixter. This is because it has a comprehensive process of using a website of royalty-free songs to create free music. They work together with artists who will upload their instrumentals’ original samples, DJs, and singers that will upload the original recordings and producers who perform the mixing of music to make free tracks that you can use to make your videos. With ccMixter, you can create a high-quality video soundtrack.


Anyone can use mis webmail to get online class service.

With Bensound you have access to plenty of royalty-free musical options to make your videos soundtracks. There are more than 300 tracks that you will get in a variety of genres, such as pop, rock, jazz, world, acoustic, electronica, groove, urban, corporate, cinematic, folk, and more.


These are just some of the best royalty-free music websites for filmmakers and video creators. If you want to produce something creative, then you can visit any of the above-mentioned websites.

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