Best Lucky Charms for Gamblers

Winning at gambling often comes down to pure luck. Most casino games are slots, meaning the player cannot predict whether they will win. However, some games like blackjack and poker, along with sports betting, require some strategic thinking. What can you do to ensure you are lucky when gambling?

Four-leaf clover

If you play slots at an online casino, you might see a four-leaf clover symbol pop up. It is an Irish symbol of luck. Most clovers have three leaves, and four-leafed ones are rare. Therefore, finding one is fortuitous, and the person who has it would be deemed lucky. Since few gamblers wander around fields of clover, those who believe in the four-leaf clover being lucky carry around a representation of it, such as four-leaf clover cufflinks or pendants.

Lucky penny

The saying goes, “see a penny, pick it up. All day long, you will have good luck.” To this day, many gamblers will hold onto a penny they picked up a long time ago. They believe that it brings them good luck and will secure a win. Many keep their lucky penny with them permanently. Even some entrepreneurs credit their startup business success to a shiny, lucky penny.

Rabbit’s foot

A rabbit’s foot has convinced many people they will achieve success and be lucky in anything they attempt. People carry a rabbit’s foot to exams, job interviews, and sessions at casinos. Where and how the rabbit’s foot became a lucky talisman is somewhat murky. Some people believe a rabbit’s foot is lucky because it protects the player from the evil eye that brings them bad luck. The significance of the rabbit comes from these animals being born with their eyes open, unlike most others.  

Alligator’s tooth

Although its origins are not entirely clear, the luck carried in an alligator’s tooth is deeply entrenched in American folklore. Some believe that it came to the country with African slaves, as crocodile’s teeth symbolize wealth and good fortune in some African cultures. Fortunately, gamblers do not need to wrangle a crocodile or alligator to get their hands on a lucky tooth, as these reptiles lose their teeth naturally and grow new ones.


An upward-facing horseshoe is regarded as bringing good luck. However, if it hangs upside down, the luck is passed to passers-by. The lucky horseshoe had its origins in legend and folklore when St. Dunstan made a deal with Satan that the devil would not disturb any home with a horseshoe hanging over its main entrance. Many gamblers wear horseshoe pendants or pins, believing that the symbol brings them luck.