Benefits of Using PDFs in a Work Environment

When it comes to working in an office setting, the PDF format is one of the most valuable. Not only can it help you stay organized and find documents easily, but it also increases security by making sure that only certain people have access to documents like contracts or other legal documents. Not only that, but a PDF can be password protected so nobody else can see what’s inside without your permission.

They are universally accessible

PDFs are a universal format, meaning that they can be opened on any device or operating system. So you don’t have to worry about having the right software downloaded onto your computer to view a PDF file.

You can also share them with other people who don’t have access to certain programs or operating systems, as long as they have internet access on their device — which is pretty much everyone these days!

They can be searched easily

PDFs are searchable! This means that you can use keywords and phrases to search for text within specific fields (such as captions), pages, paragraphs and columns. If there’s only one thing on the entire page that matters—a table full of data or an image with critical information—you can also choose which part of the document will be searched first. You can also change PDF to Word and go ahead with the desired format.

They can be password protected

With password protection, you can ensure that only those who have the correct credentials can access the document. This is especially useful if you’re working on confidential documents that contain sensitive information.

You can password protect a PDF using the built-in password tool.

They can include tables, images, and graphs

The ability to include tables, images and graphs will make your PDFs more useful for analyzing data.

Tables can be used to summarize information that may be hard to visualize through graphs or charts. You can use a PDF editor to make the desired changes in your PDF document.

A graph can also help convey what’s going on with your business’ finances so long as the information is presented correctly—and that’s where an external service comes in handy! For instance, if your company sells products online but isn’t sure how well they’re doing because they’re still new at this whole e-commerce thing (like most small businesses), then create a graph showing how many orders have been placed per month over time would tell them exactly how much revenue has been generated since launching their website three years ago:


We hope that you’ve been convinced of the many benefits of using PDFs in your workplace. We can’t wait to see what innovative uses you come up with!

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