Benefits of Getting Verified on Instagram

Businesses and influencers struggle to get verified on IG. But, what are the reasons behind it? Verified accounts enjoy many special features and get tons of stable instagram followers. In this post, we are sharing why you need to be verified.

It protects your identity

If you search for the name of a famous celebrity on Instagram, you will find tons of accounts with a good number of followers. But, you can easily identify the real one despite seeing too many fake profiles due to the blue badge. Getting verified on Instagram ensures your personal and brand security and protects your identity.

You get all the advanced features

Hobbyist Instagram users are allowed to use all basic and essential features. But, Instagram has many advanced and special features that are offered to verified profiles only. All those features are effective for your brand and monetize your account. To get access to them, you need a varied Instagram account. For instance, the swipe-up feature can mention what you are allowed to use only after getting verified. 

You seem more trusted

Trusting someone virtually is difficult because of the rise of online scammers. Many Instagram accounts influence their millions of followers using fake offers, giveaways, and more. They are hard to detect because all scammers usually look trusted. Fortunately, social media platforms like Instagram put a blue badge just after your name when you are verified. It is a guarantee by the authority that you are trustworthy, so people can follow and interact with you. When you are certified by a giant platform, you can easily build a relationship with the audience that explores many opportunities.

It enhances brand awareness

Creating brand awareness is a hard task. It takes time as well as effort. But, if you are verified, Instagram itself assists you with brand awareness. When Instagrammers search for something on the search bar that is relevant to you, your profile will appear automatically in the suggestion. The primary target of any business is to get noticed. So, being verified on Instagram is a great brand awareness strategy that is widely practiced by influencers and businesses. 

You are favored by Instagram algorithms

Each social media is run by unique and complex algorithms. But, a similarity is noticed for all social networks when it comes to verified accounts. Like all other social networks, Instagram also priorities verified accounts from all aspects. For instance, if you search for something on Instagram using a hashtag, posts and content from verified accounts usually come first. Since you are trusted and followed by thousands of followers, the algorithm prioritizes you. Thus, you can reach your target audience without much effort which is a cost-effective approach for most businesses.

It brings more customers

The blue badge creates an authority that is a big reason for people to quickly choose you. On Instagram, there are many brands that aren’t verified. Though they have customers, people usually take time before choosing them. In opposition, people usually place an order immediately when they purchase something from a verified account. This is something you can’t achieve overnight or even after hours of promotion in general.

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