Benefits of Cricut Explore

The Cricut is a machine designed to serve as a professional cutter with the latest technology. It is mostly used by people who have a hobby of arts and crafts. However, it can prove to be extremely helpful for people running small businesses. Especially people who work in event planning have found great use of it.

Using the Cricut Explore is quite simple. The machine is computer-operated, which means you can input a template such as a free cricut lantern template, insert your material of choice into the cutter and end up with a ready-made lantern! It’s quite simple to operate, which is why it’s a favorite amongst many craftsmen.


The Cricut Explore has the ability to cut through a huge variety of materials mostly used in crafts, for example, leather, aluminum, vinyl, felt and even fabric. The machine comes with three different mats to hold your material in place while the blades do their magic. Which mat to use depends on the material you are using. The light grip is perfect for a lighter material like paper, while strong is great for denser things like leather.

The device even has a Smart Set Dial where you can save your preferred settings without having to memorize them over and over again. You can also input a template like a free shadow box template and have the machine cut them with little help from you. This makes work ten folds easier.

Design Space

Design Space is the software that operates the Cricut. This is where you can design your crafts and cut out the correct pieces for them. Amateur users have commented on how easy it is for beginners to use.

You can even upload your own images and customized fonts to the system to personalize your final product. The latest model of Cricut Explore, Explore Air 2, connects to your computer without any cords. This helps declutter your workspace and allows you to work at a distance from your computer.


Cricut machines are extremely versatile and useful. Their state-of-the-art technology certainly makes them a device of the future. At the moment, they are currently a bit pricey for their function. The fact that its knife blades and even access to Design Space are sold separately makes you question your decision to make such a hefty purchase.

However, if your work requires regular cutting and craftsmanship, this machine is totally worth its price.