Bay Window Shutters The Lowdown

If your home has bay windows, you can take pride in owning a time-honoured design feature. Bay windows have been popular ever since their introduction in the early renaissance era when they were used to make already grand rooms even more so.

If you have them, you probably want to flaunt them rather than hide them behind dusty, heavy curtains. We explore the many benefits of bay window shutters in further depth.

A Short Background about Bay Window Shutters

Mansions with bay windows can be traced all the way back to the early English Renaissance (15th century through to the 17th). Since mediaeval times, when glass was extremely expensive, and wooden shutters were employed to protect occupants from the elements and add a minimum level of protection against invaders, window shutters have been an integral part of many historically significant buildings and properties. 

Wholesale blinds and shutters replaced the lengthy, heavy drapes that were inappropriate for the humid temperature of the deep south in the 18th century, becoming a popular choice for decorating the massive mansions located on cotton and sugar plantations in the United States.

Plantation shutters continue to be a popular choice for homeowners not just because of their functional benefits in terms of light, heat, security, and privacy but also because of their classic good looks and ease of care.

Putting Shutters on your Bay Windows is a Great Decision

A bay window’s rounded corners and wide ledge make window coverings a constant challenge. Off-the-shelf alternatives are often hard to find when dressing their strange angles, combinations, and sizes to highlight all their brilliance while also striving to fulfil all the vital functional functions anticipated of a window dressing. 

On the other hand, custom bay window shutters will meet your functional requirements and produce the cosy background ambience, so many individuals seek.

Advantages of Bay Window Shutters

Regardless of your bay window’s size, elevation, or design, we can construct shutters to suit it.

We can accurately measure your bay window regardless of whether the inner angle is a fitting spot, a left angle, or something in between.

You can have your Privacy While Still Getting Enough Light

When you want to let in plenty of natural light yet save some of your privacy, bay windows are the way to go. Shutters on windows are a different compromise.

Efficiency in Using Heat

Energy and heat loss increase with the size of bay windows, especially with older, thinner conventional windows. Our wooden shutters are a natural insulator that we instal within millimetres of the frame so that heat stays inside in the winter and out in the summer. 

Don’t just take our word for it that wooden shutters are the most energy efficient window treatment; do the research on your own. Learn how our customers’ shutters have helped them save money on their heating and cooling bills by reading their feedback.

Simple to Maintain and Clean

Simply using a moist cloth to wipe everything down quickly should do the trick. There are no bulky drapes to remove or hefty dry cleaning bills to pay.

Stable and Safe

There are no risky cords, simply lockable shutters. Our fire-resistant shutters are ideal for community centres and other shared spaces, and our security shutters can provide further protection against criminals.

What Kind of Shutters Complement Bay Windows the Most?

All of our shutter designs are appropriate for bay windows. However, full-height or tier-on-tier shutters are the best way to cover the entire window while still appreciating its magnificence. Also, retractable roof pergola systems are available here in Melbourne.

Our most prominent bay window shutters are our comprehensive Fiji hardwood shutters. Typically, shutters for bay windows are white or a near shade of white. In addition to being a practical feature of any house, they are also attractive in any environment.

Standard full-height shutters for bay windows usually call for a mid-rail to prevent the shutters from sagging. In some cases, this is a deliberate design choice, but in most cases, it is a necessary structural element for panels above a given height. 

All shutters wider than 1750 mm need them, while those wider than 3000 mm need two. The slats in each segment can be adjusted separately by using the mid-rail.

Shutters with a top and bottom tier that may be opened and closed separately function in much the same way as conventional shutters.

How Much do Shutters for a Bay Window Usually Run?

Since each shutter is custom-made for the individual, bay window shutter prices differ extensively.

We have a specialised device that helps to measure the angles of a client’s bay windows to the millimetre. The shutter posts are then custom-made to fit these particular windows. Hence, the cost will be affected by the size and form of the window.

Other variables can also impact the cost of plantation shutters for bay windows, including:

  • Your selected shutter style and function.
  • The material for the shutters.
  • The size, quality, and colour of your shutters.
  • Tilt rods can be either normal or concealed, depending on your preference. The tilt rods for our shutters are covered within the shutter panels themselves. The days of hiding a machine behind louvres with a metal rod are over.

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