Basic techniques for marketing on INSTAGRAM of SME businesses

As we all know, Instagram is the most popular social media. If a large number of people use it, It’s a great business opportunity. To make our store more accessible with Instagram, it is a popular channel for marketing as well. Which business has overlooked this channel? May miss a good opportunity And keep pace with businesses that need to adapt online in this era.

Make Money without Costing Money

The followers of Instagram can help you make money if you are running a shop, promoting a brand, etc., on Instagram. More people you can reach means more customers you can get. Followers Gallery gives you free followers and likes. So you have no tension about cómo aumentar los seguidores y likes en Instagram.

1. Setting up a business Instagram account

Enter a short, concise description of the company.

The page description should quickly tell followers: What is your business, what are you selling, or what do you want to offer? But must make those who press enter to be aware concise. For example, the Mega famous fitness apparel brand Lululemon describes its page as a vision that wants customers to experience happiness, health, and fun. When wearing his branded clothes, It also includes the brand’s hashtags. Help everyone who visits the page to know the brand’s hashtags.

If your business has a storefront, Can enter necessary information such as location or on-off time. You can go down as well. Think about what we want to share important information with users. Could you put it in the description section? But it must not be too long.

Please include a link to make it click back to your site as well.

In addition to the business description, Another important thing is to include links to drive users back to our website. Sometimes, the process of choosing a product, including making a purchase decision on Instagram, may not be as convenient as going into the website and adding a link to allow customers to proceed with their purchase. Press buy on the website; therefore, it is another thing that should be included in our Instagram. Including the communication channel If your customers include you, it is convenient to talk in other channels. You can just put a link. to lead customers to Line channels conducive to dialogue or close the sale. You can as well—an example of inserting a link to pull to a website when wanting to buy.

So don’t forget to include a link on your Instagram page, whether it’s a link to the main website. product trading page Product page Other contact methods or a link to pull to the article page as well

Choose a recognizable page title and image. Indicates your brand well.

The best way is to use the name of your Instagram page to be the same as your store or business. But if you can’t put various marks, Add-in but still have to keep the name as close to the business name as possible. This also includes the use of page names in various channels that should be given the same name or most similar to allow users or the customer to be confused in the picture should use the logo of the shop Or any character that is a brand icon that everyone remembers. It will be the best way.

2. Design effective Instagram posts

Focus on the quality of Visual Content

Instagram is a social media platform with a strong focus on Visual Content or image and video content. So if you want your business to be successful in this channel, Want users to interact with the brand. You’ll also want to pay attention to the photos or videos you use. According to the website Buffer, the image that is often popular on Instagram states:

  • Images with bright tones 24% more Likes than dark tone images.
  • The image in the background has been left open space. 29% more Likes than tight, messy images
  • An image with only one dominant color or has a single, distinctive tone Will get 17% more likes than images using a variety of colors.

It should also maintain the quality of the images used or videos to be sharp and beautiful as well; for example, the glitter guide Instagram page featured a harmonious color scheme of pastel pink, mint green, and blue, as well as using bright, vibrant tones as each photo lined up. This makes the page look beautiful.

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