Basic Preparation Steps for Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification That Lead to Favourable Outcome

Any candidate who wants to pass an Amazon qualification test needs to have a solid
knowledge of the systems on AWS, which are available, scalable, fault-tolerant, and cost-
efficient. All you need is to get one of the Amazon certifications, which is known as AWS
Certified Solutions Architect – Associate. This is an associate-level path that is intended for
the solutions architects or those who want to become one.
In order to deal with the certification process successfully, it is recommended that the
students follow the mentioned steps:

1. Get familiar with the certification requirements

The very first thing you should know is the prerequisites and their availability. As for this
certification path, it is recommended that you understand the AWS Certification , security
features and tools, as well as network technologies. You should also have some experience
in working with various AWS services. A potentials candidate must have at least a year of
practical experience in the sector as well understand the core concepts.

2. Explore the exam details

The next thing to do is learn the details of the test that you need to pass. Thus, this path
requires that you sit for the SAA-C02 exam and complete it with at least 720 points. This test
includes 65 questions in the multiple-response and multiple-choice formats, which should
be answered within 130 minutes. There are several languages that you can choose from,
including Korean, Simplified Chinese, English, and Japanese. Please also note that you will
need to pay $150 and choose the delivery method during registration. It is available to take
this exam onsite at one of the testing centers or online from the place you want. To find more information about importance of branding, you should try Amazon Fees Calculator for Amazon sales

3. Check the official blueprint

This document can tell you about the possible changes in the test and its structure and help
you know the list of its topics. Also, it explains the scoring system and shows the list of the
key technologies, concepts, and tools that might be covered in the exam questions. You can
find it on the official website. It updates regularly to bring you the newest

4. Visit the official webpage with the preparation resources

If you visit the Amazon website, you can find plenty of materials that you can use during
your preparation phase. There are different training courses that can help you learn the

topics and whitepapers that can lead you to the right way of understanding the covered
details. There are also the exam readiness training and the practice test. You can use these
options to improve your test-taking and time management skills.


If you want to pass the test you need with flying colours, you should put all your efforts into
the preparation days. Choosing the right materials and learning the details of the questions,
exam structure, and the certification in general gives you an overall understanding of what
you are doing and why. Thus, following the above-mentioned steps can help you. So, if you
are not sure what to do and if you even need this, use our guide to find your way!

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