Bamboo Sheets King and a Cooling Mattress Cover Is All You Need

Have you been having difficulties enjoying your sleep? If you have been having issues sleeping hot every night, or waking up with body pains, then bamboo sheets king and a cooling mattress cover are all you need.

Here, we will be giving you reasons why the use of bamboo sheets king and a cooling mattress cover will give you the best sleeping experience.

Why Choose Bamboo Sheets King

Below are some reasons why bamboo sheets king are just perfect for your sleep.

It is green and clean

Even with little or no irrigation, bamboo has the ability to grow to about four feet daily. This is one good reason why bamboo-derived viscose fibers make a very great sheeting material that is also environmentally friendly.

The fact that it is organic and green ensures that it is naturally dust-mites and antimicrobial resistant. This helps in reducing any possible irritations to the skin and allergies.

Regulates the temperature

There’s nothing more special than working with a sheet that regulates the temperature. This is why bamboo sheets king stands out. It helps you stay cool during the summer months, and then warm during the winter.

People having overheating issues will use the bamboo sheets king because they are cooler compared to other bamboo sheets. Asides from its being cool, the sheets are moisture-wicking. This ensures that you get better and fresher sleep all through the night.

Soft and Luxury Feel

The bamboo sheets king usually has a 400 thread count. This makes them more comfortable and softer compared to the Egyptian hotel sheets made from cotton. This is due to its great weave construction.

Why Choose Cooling Mattress Cover?

A high-quality cooling mattress cover is desired due to the following reasons.

Made from Tencel

The fact that the cooling mattress cover is made from Tencel makes it great for those having sensitive skin. The fiber structure of the Tencel has a smooth surface. This makes the fabric’s touch feel silky and soft, as well as friendly to sensitive skin.

Also, skin irritations are reduced by Tencel by its hypoallergenic nature, its resistance to dust mites, and its 100% natural ability.


A cooling mattress cover is moisture-wicking. This is made possible by Tencel’s hydrophilic fibers. This wicks moisture off your skin at all times. By this, the cover stays breathable all through the night and prevents overheating.

Protects you from Dust Mites & Allergens

A high-quality Tencel-made cooling mattress cover gets rid of two things, which dust mites need to thrive and survive. This includes a reliable source of food and a damp environment. This waterproof barrier helps in preventing the dead skin cells from passing through. It also stops the source of food, while the hydrophilic fibers help in keeping the cover cool and dry.


The importance of good sleep cannot be overemphasized. This is why you should choose bamboo sheets king and a cooling mattress cover. They have great features and will surely give you a new and positive sleeping experience.