AWS Certification and Training Courses for You

Recently, we have updated some services on “AWS certification and training” so that you can better cultivate your cloud skills and learn about new services through AWS: Invent.

Free AWS digital training:

You can find more than 100 sorts of digital training courses on AWS training. They are free and open to the public. These courses are planned by AWS experts, so they can help you master the basic knowledge of dozens of AWS services and solutions. You can arrange the studying progress of AWS based on your schedule. You can also access some advanced training courses on machine learning and storage.

The followings are brand-new digital training themes:

You can select the one you are interested in from these themes and read the content. You can follow your progress by checking your report card. 

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

You can pass the latest AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification exam to verify your general understanding of AWS Cloud and get a recognizable certification in the IT industry. It covers four categories: cloud perspective, security, skills, charging and pricing. We suggest that you have at least six months of experience or equivalent training in the AWS cloud regardless of any role you play such as technical, administrative, marketing, procuring or financial personnel.

To help you prepare for this exam, you can take SPOTO Cloud Practitioners Basic Knowledge Course, which is a newly opened AWS digital training course. The course will give you a comprehensive introduction to the cloud perspective of AWS including its service, security, architecture, pricing and support. Apart from getting a general understanding of AWS cloud, passing the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification exam is the prerequisite for taking the big data certification exam and high-level networking certification exam.

I suggest that you click on AWS. training and register our free digital training so as to further understand the latest services of AWS. You can increase your skills, enrich the knowledge reserve, and set a new goal of obtaining AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification. 

You will:  

Understand and use the AWS shared responsibility model of security. Govern User Identity and Access Management in the AWS cloud. Use AWS security service such as AWS Identity and Access Management, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Key Management Service, AWS CloudHSM and AWS Trusted Advisor. Implement more useful security control of resources in AWS cloud. Govern and test your AWS resources from security perspective. Monitor and record access and use of AWS computing, storage, networking and database services. Understand and use the AWS shared responsibility model Identify AWS security services and implement automation, and monitor and govern security operations in AWS service and tools. Govern security events in AWS cloud.

Targeted population:

  • Security engineer
  • Security architect
  • Security analyst 
  • Safety assessment employees

Employees responsible for monitoring, evaluating and testing the IT infrastructure of the institution and making sure that the infrastructure meets the security, risk and compliance criteria.

There are two optional courses for your advancement in the path:  

Architecting on AWS-accelerator 

The five-day courses SPOTO of covers themes of another two courses: Architecting on AWS and Advanced Architecting on AWS which can take place of other courses

Learning club of SPOTO for preparing for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam. The courses cover Architecting on AWS and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification. 

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