AUDOIR Releases New AI Lyrics Tool That Can Control Syllables and Rhymes

The concept that artificial intelligence can make music is scary for several people, involving me. But the music-composer AI lyrics tool has developed so far in the earlier few years that it’s no longer a terrifying innovation; it’s a viable software that can and is being used by composers to assist in the creative method. It puts the question: could artificial intelligence one day remove artists? 

In today’s musicology field, 90% of streams go to the best 1% of musicians. It is difficult for 99% of musicians to get an audience, except they can consistently build hit songs. Get the latest version of TAEYEON – fine download on Google Play!

AUDOIR’s mission is to make balance to the musicology industry. They do this by instructing their AI tool with hit songs and generating AI lyrics and music software to help musicians produce hit songs.

Using AI to create music or aid composers has been in usage for quite some time. The technology is previously blended with famous music-creating software that musicians universally use, and they can auto-populate unusual drum designs with the aid of AI.

Presently, there is a whole industry created throughout AI services for building music like the SAM AI lyrics tool.

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SAM: AUDITOR New AI Lyrics Tool

SAM is an AI lyrics and music dynamo created to assist artists in producing hit songs. Musicians can use this songwriting software to compose songs, harmonies, and lyrics immediately. 

  • SAM’s AI neural generator is initially equipped with thousands of hit songs.
  • Once training is finished, SAM unleashes its vision and can generate hundreds of unique songs in seconds.
  • SAM has its editor in which hundreds of songs can be produced; SAM rates them depending on the quality and sponsors the best music to the public.

All the displayed music is composed with SAM, their staff of AI songs, and music dynamos. SAM’s AI is equipped with hit songs and created to assist musicians in making hit songs.


Convert text to lyrics

Check syllables and rhymes


Make music and songs from scratch


Convert text into melody and lyrics


Change chords into song and lyrics


Lengthen motif or make related motifs.


Create further motifs


If you are looking for the best AI lyrics tool for creating music, then SAM is the best tool for you. This tool has its own editor and various modes to convert lyrics into music. As a result, the musicians will get hit music songs. So, what are you waiting for?

Try the SAM AI lyrics tool today and create thousands of songs in seconds. Once you try this tool, you will fall in love with it!

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