Attractive Texture Wall Designs For Living Room

A home is a personalized landscape for one and all. When the home looks bland, color is one of the primary things we turn to. For a few people, conventional paint and wallpaper are not attractive options, then the textured wall comes into the picture. Due to options like Royale play night catalog by Asian Paints and other brands, the texture wall game has gone to another creative level altogether. With the enormous options available, settling on one texture design can be a tough task. Thus, we have picked a few of the beautiful designs that you can consider for your living room.

1. Optical Illusion Design:

Optical illusion textured wall designs are one of the growing trends. The creator uses dots, circles, squares, lines, and other shapes to create an illusion design to stump the viewer. It grabs the eyeballs and can be easily used in the living room as guests are entertained there. Thus, such a design will be a focal point for the visitors.

2. Attractive Florals:

When you love minimalistic furniture in the house, an appealing textured wall is vital to help the living room to appear lively. Since the living wall tends to dominate the space, having floral patterns is a great idea to make it stand out from the rest. While the floral textured wall looks elegant, you can make it long-lasting by getting the waterproofing solutions done for the same wall.

3. Wood Like Texture:

If you want something unique and away from the usual printed textured walls, proceed for a look like layered brick or wooden panel design. It may appear as a brick or panel but in reality, it is the texture created by the designer using different painting techniques. You can fix any wall lights on the same wall to enhance the wooden panel appearance.

4. Glossy Finish:

The wall color of the room reflects one personality. While various people like it to be bold and loud, others prefer it to be a glossy finish that shines bright and enhances the vibe of the room. Therefore, you can use a different texture with glossy wall paint to build the wall center of attention as well as create the room spacious.

5. Marble And Tiles Pattern:

If you felt tiles and marble look only meant for the bathroom, this texture design will certainly prove you incorrect. With the enhancement in technology and creativity, the painters create beautiful marble and tiles patterns to bring in appealing textured wall results. You can use such a stunning design to give a unique gaze to your living room.

6. Crinkle Special Effect:

For those who believe that tissue paper is only used to wipe hands, it is one of the items that help to create a magnificent wall textured design for the living room. With just a crinkle textured design, you can effortlessly transform the entire space without much doing. All you need is a few modish-looking furniture to blend well with the wall and a lamp to illuminate the space.

7. Sprinkled Special Effect:

Do you love an artistic approach to your home décor and you are searching for a perfect wall design for your living room? The sprinkled special effect design with vibrant colors throughout gives the area a vibrant hue making it appear elegant yet bright. You can even dress this wall with your art collection for a spectacular view.

8. Drizzle Effect Texture:

Are you a pluviophile or inspired by tropical rain? Choose the drizzle effect textured wall for a modern finish to the living space. Select any light color for the drizzle effect and check how it turns the whole effect into a soothing painting for the eyes.

Choosing the apt wall texture design for the living space can be a daunting task. While multiple homeowners have the idea in their mind but don’t know how to bring the idea into reality. Thus, choosing any of these designs will revamp the living space like never before.

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