Are You Up To The FUT 22 Fernandinho End Of An Era Squad Building Challenge?

This FUT 22 End of an Era Squad Building Challenge honors Fernandinho with a 96 OVR card. Three teams are needed to complete the challenge.

Discover the best FIFA 22 coins prices and offers at U7Buy! The FUT 22 End of an Era Squad Building Challenge Series continues with a new task. This time, we celebrate Fernandinho’s career with Manchester City. This was the last season with this team. The player is not retiring, he transferred to his first team Atlético Paranaense. This End of an Era SBC requires three teams. U7Buy is supporting you with cheap FUT 22 coins so you can get Fernandinho’s card ASAP!

FUT 22 Fernandinho End Of An Era SBC Requirements and Tips

Fernando Luiz Roza

Position: Center Defending Midfielder.

OVR: 96.

Stats: 89 pacing, 86 shooting, 92 passing, 94 dribbling, 96 defending, 93 physical.

Fernandinho is a Brazilian footballer. He started playing in 2002 when he joined Atlético Paranaense. Three seasons later, he joined Shakhtar Donetsk. He was with them for eight seasons, before transferring to Manchester City in 2013. Manchester City won the Premier League in that season. During his time with Manchester City, the player took part in 264 matches and scored 26 goals. This End of an Era Squad Building Challenge celebrates his career with this team. Fernandinho was also a valuable member of his national Brazilian team. He represented them between 2011 and 2019 and was the captain in numerous games.

Tactical Emulation Squad Requirements:

11 items.

At least one player from Manchester City.

At least one Team to the Season or In-Form item.

83 team rating.

80 team chemistry.

Prize: Premium Mixed pack.

Player Suggestions: 83 OVR goalkeeper Nick Pope, 81 OVR center midfielder Kevin Kampl, 84 OVR Team of the Week striker Patrik Schick.

Brazil Squad Requirements:

11 items.

At least one Brazilian player.

At least one Team to the Season or In-Form item.

84 team rating.

75 team chemistry.

Prize: Premium Electrum pack.

Player Suggestions: 86 OVR right midfielder Otávio da Silva Monteiro from Team of the Week, 83 OVR center midfielder Iker Muniain, 85 OVR striker Antoine Griezmann.

Premier League Squad Requirements:

11 items.

At least one player from a Premier League team.

85 team rating.

65 team chemistry.

Prize: Prime Electrum pack.

Player Suggestions: 84 OVR striker Iago Aspas, 83 OVR left midfielder Thomas Lemar, 91 OVR center back Daley Blind from the Shapeshifters collection.

Keep in mind that several other SBCs are active. We have some Shapeshifters SBCs and Eusebio’s Icon SBC to complete in the following days or months. A Summer Swap program has started as well.

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