Are Online Casino Games Rigged?

I have heard people say that online casinos are rigged, that it’s the reason why it’s difficult to make appreciable wins. Is that really true? Do you think online casino games are rigged too? Continue reading to discover whether online casino games are rigged or not.

Can online casinos be rigged?

The sad truth is yes, they can be rigged. Most of the well-known casinos are certified so you can be sure that they are not rigged but to satisfy your curiosity, I’ll be telling you things that’ll let you know whether the online casino you use is rigged or not.

There are certain things you should look out for in an online casino and if you can find them then the casino you are using or about to use is not rigged. Continue reading to find out more about those things.

Check if the casino uses an accredited RNG software 

RNG stands for random number generation. If the online casino you play with or you are intending to play with uses RNG then you can be sure that it won’t be rigged. That’s because the RNG software uses a complicated technology that employs different algorithms to generate random outputs consistently. 

With this software, you can be sure that no one decides who wins or who loses because the software determines everything that happens in all the games you play. It determines every poker card that’s dealt, the winning number on the Roulette wheel, and even the roll of the dice.

Also, ensure that the casino has independent auditors that analyze and investigate the data for anomalies.

Data Encryption 

I know you are probably wondering what does data encryption have to do with a rigged online casino? Interestingly, data encryption has a role to play in determining whether an online casino is rigged and I’ll tell you how. 

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the most successful and popular form of encryption. What happens with the SSL encryption is that it converts all the information that was keyed into the system into mathematical functions involving elliptic equations. Now online gambling sites that don’t use secure connections can expose your private data, bank credentials, and in the worst case, they could operate your account up until you connect again. This means that they can incur losses for you and they’ll appear legitimate making it impossible to get a refund by explaining that your account was hacked.

Official License 

Every online casino has some form of license or accreditation. If you find a website that doesn’t have one it’s best to run away from them because it could be that their games are rigged.

Hence, to prevent yourself from being scammed, it is best to use an online gambling website that’s licensed. Different regulatory bodies give out the license and each one has its own requirements. When an online casino has multiple licences it simply equates to the casino meeting more standards.

If you can find an online casino that meets these three requirements then you can rest assured that the games you’ll be playing will be fair and you won’t be ripped off. A good example includes 카지노사이트, Red dog casino, and Ignition casino.

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