Applications of high bay lights

High bay lights are a modern day innovation by light manufacturers for high ceiling areas. This is also where they got the name from as these large light fixtures are for spaces with ceiling heights which extend above 25 feet and are around 60 feet.  These light fixtures are for uniform illumination in spaces which have heavy requirements of light on a daily basis.

What are high bay lights?

High bay light fixtures are powerful light fixtures to illuminate large spaces. These light fixtures are large and slender and spread uniform light across a wide area. These lights must provide an adequate amount of light down to the floor and in the surroundings.

High bay light fixtures are manufactured in two basic designs:

  • Round high bays
  • Linear high bays

Round high bay lights are also known as UFO high bay lights due to their shape. These lights can suspend from the ceilings to facilitate the illumination pattern.

Linear high bay light fixtures are available in different sizes where some extend over 5 feet. They can be both surface mounted or suspended from the ceilings by the help of the chains.

Structure of High bay lights

The structure of high bay lights carries durable material which makes them last for almost a decade all the while preserving their excellent function. A simple structure consist of:

Frame or housing

The frame or housing makes up the basic structure. It is made up of aluminum and at times die cast aluminum depending upon the application. The housing is resistant to almost all elements which might affect the proper functioning of the fixture. It is IP rated which makes it resistant to dirt, moisture and temperature fluctuation. In most industries the preferred IP rating is within IP65- IP67 which makes them functional even in emergency situations.


The lamp determines the effectiveness of the fixture. Prior to the introduction of LED lamps HID or HPS lamps were preferred for use in high bay light fixtures but they are now actively replaced by LED. It is because of several reasons including better illumination.

HID or HPS lamps are largely inefficient and end up being costly for the business owners, due to their frequent maintenance and other issues like fluctuation, inability to last in emergency situations etc.

LED lamps however are super efficient and rids the owners of the trouble of maintenance or replacement for several years. There are several other benefits of using LED lamps in these fixtures.


The Lens plays a key role in dispersing the light evenly over the desired space. It is made up of polycarbonate or acrylic as this material is scratch free and helps create a uniform lighting pattern with a diffused glow.

Mounting brackets

The mounting brackets are present at the back of the fixture over the housing. They support ropes and metal chains which can suspend at different heights to facilitate the lighting layout.

It helps with general as well as other lighting layers.

These are a few specifications of the high bay fixtures which make them durable for use in specific areas.

Applications of high bay lights

These light fixtures have a very large range of applications across all industries or commercial spaces. The design, size and lumen variation is entirely dependent on the requirement of the space. To find the best fixture for your application, check this link. of High bay lights are largely of use in:

1. Industries

Industries harbour large scale assortment and production of various materials which requires large spaces with high ceilings. They require a lot of light for the facilitation of people and various processes which are carried out under these roofs. As there is almost little to no natural source of light it is essential that high bay lights fill the room with proper illumination.

2. Warehouses

Warehouses require illumination at general as well as other levels because they serve as a storage space for raw materials. Most of them have storage shelves which require illumination at different levels to make objects/labels visible and easier to locate.

3. Production plants

Production plants have heavy machinery which works 24/7. The large conveyer belt or other machinery requires adequate illumination to facilitate the process.

4. Hospitals/ airports

Large hospitals, airport spaces also require large light fixtures for adequate illumination as these spaces are functional 24/7 and accommodate a lot of people and processes throughout.

5. Docks

Docks or shipyards are also large ceiling spaces which accommodate a lot of materials for inland import/export. There is a large space for machinery as well as transport in loading docks so it requires a lot of lighting which is only possible with high bay lights.

There are several advantages of using LED high bay lights which are seen once after traditional options are replaced by LED. They are highly efficient, longer lasting, provide more lumens, produce more heat and cost less than usual. The improvement is visible as the ambiance of the surrounding increases due to customisable features of LED such as CCT which is selectable and CRI which is above 80. The installation process is easy and requires assistance from expert technicians.

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