Answer: Can a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Be Connected to a Water Purifier?

Connecting a hot and cold water dispenser to a water purifier is a practical solution that allows users to save costs and enhance convenience while meeting their continuous water needs in places with high water consumption, such as households, hospitals, offices, and schools.

1. Can a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Be Connected to a Water Purifier?

In essence, it is possible to connect a hot and cold water dispenser to a water purifier (May loc nuoc). One water purifier can supply purified water to multiple hot and cold water dispensers. This setup helps users save costs while ensuring access to clean and healthy water.

Typically, this connection is recommended for environments with a high number of users, including large households, hospitals, offices, and schools, that use two or more hot and cold water dispensers.

2. Mutosi MD-200S – A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser that Can Be Connected to a Water Purifier

Product Price: 4,020,000 VND (Check out the exact price tag at Cay nuoc nong lanh)

Featuring a rapid heating system, the Mutosi MD-200S allows users to have continuous access to hot and cold water without worrying about running out. Additionally, the MD-200S provides two temperature settings for hot and cold water, meeting various users’ needs, such as direct consumption, cooking, making tea, or brewing coffee.

The MD-200S employs a Block cooling system, a modern technology that delivers colder water more efficiently compared to other methods. This cooling technology not only provides quick access to cold water but also helps save energy consumption for your household.

This product boasts a compact and elegant design that seamlessly fits into any space. Whether it’s in your home, school, or office, the MD-200S will serve as a perfect addition, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the area. It even includes a storage compartment underneath to keep cups, glasses, and other drinkware neatly organized.

The MD-200S’s outer shell is constructed from highly durable ABS plastic. ABS is known for its high hardness and resistance to abrasion, ensuring that the product maintains its beauty and durability over time. ABS is also heat-resistant and easy to clean, helping to keep the product looking pristine.

In addition to the hot and cold water functions, the MD-200S features a smart LED display to indicate the water temperature mode. Separate on/off switches for hot and cold water allow you to save energy according to your usage needs. To ensure safety, especially for the elderly and children, Mutosi has integrated a safety lock for the hot water faucet.

The Mutosi MD-200S is a versatile hot and cold water dispenser that fits seamlessly into any space.


With its mission of “Protecting and Elevating Healthy Japanese Standards of Living,” Mutosi has researched and developed a range of high-quality hot and cold water dispensers. These products can be connected to a water purifier, enabling quick, cost-effective, and convenient access to hot and cold water for households, offices, densely populated areas, and more.

To choose the most suitable hot and cold water dispenser product that meets your specific needs, you can contact Mutosi directly for prompt assistance through the following contact information:

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Representative Office: Level 2, Dai Dong A Building (Bea Sky), Nguyen Xien Street, Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi.

Southern Branch: 17A, Truong Chinh Street, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City.

Manufacturing Plant: Lot 3 – CN5 Ngoc Hoi Industrial Zone, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi.

Phone: 1900 636 595

Email: [email protected]

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