ALTERNATE, get everything your heart wants

Over the years, ALTERNATE has become a pathfinder in the enterprise. With over 85,000 products, attractive prices, outstanding service, and fast shipping. They are the first company in this industry to have their own CO2 compensation program at no extra charge for their customers. They are actively engaged in environmental protection.

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What will you find at ALTERNATE?

From gaming PCs and elements to smartphones and notebooks, you will find everything your heart wants, only at ALTERNATE. Home-theater, fans, smart home enthusiasts, and hi-fi lovers will also get their money’s worth with ALTERNATE. Real doers will find the right tools, powerful garden tools, and the best accessories for outdoor holidays with them. Discover e-bikes at ALTERNATE and go on inspiring or thrilling trips with your brand-new camera. They also assist you with household appliances. You can also make your little ones happy with their range of toys. ALTERNATE is conveniently online.

Why is ALTERNATE best?

  • CO 2 neutral shipping
  • Shipping within 24 hours
  • PayPal installment payment
  • Preliminary credit check
  • Get order status anytime
  • They are always available for you if you need help or information then use their email contact form and they will help you out
  • PC configurator, you can use the ALTERNATE PC-Builder to configure your new PC exactly the way you want.
  • Returns & complaints, Whether it’s a reversal or a defect, you can request your return easily.

You can easily earn money with ALTERNATE

Have you heard about AWIN? This is an affiliate system that offers affiliate programs. This program brings advertisers and publishers together to form a profitable partnership. It consequently enables higher sales for all people involved. As a publisher, you can make money by posting advertising banners on your own website.

Also, they are registered with AWIN as advertisers and if you are interested in it then you can join the affiliate program and become a publisher.

Visite this site :

Click here :

It serves you very manageable:

  1. Place the ALTERNATE banner on your website.
  2. Visitors to your pages click on the banner and go to the ALTERNATE
  3. If your visitors then shop at ALTERNATE, you will receive a sales-related commission per sale.


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Your advantages as an affiliate with them:

  1. Competent advice from personal contact persons
  2. The sales-based commission per sale
  3. Attractive advertising material in all common sizes
  4. Regular information via newsletter about all the news
  5. Low cancellation rate
  6. High conversion rate
  7. Cookie duration is 30 day

What else does ALTERNATE do?

Apart from economic interests, ALTERNATE also invests in vocational training, environmental protection, and the sustainable use of resources, and in this also it takes on a pioneering role. With the introduction of CO2 neutral shipping and as being an EMAS certified company, ALTERNATE confirms the current appreciation of the environment and the careful use of resources.

What does ALTERNATE give the industry?

ALTERNATE is developing young people for their expert future for more than 20 years with high discipline and training standards, resembling involvement in work methods, practice, and independent project work. At the same time, more than 60 young people are being tutored in commercial, technical, and logistical positions. ALTERNATE offers an ideal start into acknowledged life with complete vocational training in a future-oriented company in a modern enterprise. If you perform well, nothing stands in the way of a job with internal advancement opportunities at ALTERNATE. In history, management positions were frequently filled by former trainees.

ALTERNATE provides fast and easy return service

You can quickly return a product you purchased by ALTERNATE. The quick steps are below:

  • Search your order at ALTERNATE
  • You can find the customer and invoice number on the invoice or in the customer account.
  • Select the reason for the return
  • Now choose between a revocation and a defect.
  • Register the return
  • Enter your contact details to receive status reports on your return.Click here to know more about magazine4news.
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