All you need to know about Professional Car Detailing

Occasionally a customer asks questions like what is the difference between professional car detailing and detailing advertised by a guy on Kijiji? So, here is an overview on professional car detailing to clear all types of confusion. 

There are a lot of people who clean their cars and call it detailing. But the act of detailing isn’t just random cleaning done with little experience or casual tools. The difference between personal cleaning and professional detailing is the same as a dish made with fresh ingredients by a chef vs. one made at home. Another major thing is that you get what you pay for. Hence, if you choose reliable, reputed professional detailing services, then you need to pay the right prices for it.

Professional car detailing includes these criteria:

  • Equipment and tools required to do professional car detailing

The first area is to be well aware of the tools needed to perform the task. A professional car detailing studio uses professional- level steam extractor tools, professional standard vacuums, ozone generators, detailing brushes, special polishing pads, air blowers, detailing lights, high-pressure washers, microfiber towels and more.

There isn’t any shortcut when you are going for professional detailing of your car. And to do it properly, you need a multitude of special equipment and industry-standard tools.

  • Products required for a professional car detailing

The second area of concern is the product used in professional car detailing are different. Detailing isn’t just about removing dirt, grime and dust from the car, but it also involves use of safe, efficient products which offer safety and enhanced longevity to your car’s materials. It comprises everything right from carpeting, upholstery, fabric, glass and leather. And, on the external side, it includes paint of the car, coating, trim, wheels and tires.

Professional detailing products are designed and scientifically tested to render full protection and performance to maintain and enhance the quality and finish of the material. And using inferior quality auto products may harm your vehicle.

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  • Skill, experience and training needed by an expert car detailer

A professional car detailer should be skilled and experienced. The detailer should know how to use the equipment and products and then team the elements with skill and experience to create perfect detailing. A professional detailer will assess your car and offer a complete evaluation of what is required and what the end result will be.

Professional car detailing results

The last step of the professional detailing is the end result. Detailing is not simple cleaning. It is the removal of dust, pathogen, grime, dust with proper use of professional standard detailing products. It leads to a fully clean and long-lasting protection to the materials of your car. Your car will gain its showroom like condition back.

A professionally detailed car looks incredibly clean, smells beautiful and is free from pathogens, dirt and mud. The detailers do not just enhance the value of the car but also make it a healthy ride so that everyone is safe and secure.