All you Need to Know About Dam liners in Kenya

Storage dams can be used for various uses like stock watering, irrigation, and fire fighting. Usually, liners are guaranteed by the manufacturer when underlaid using a suitable aquatic brand underlay.


These liners can be made in rubber, plastic, or fibreglass rolls. Due to their extreme durability, these dam liners are UV safe and resistant to tree roots and shifting soil. They also safely support aquatic and plant life. They are formulated to be safe for fish.

In most cases, liners can easily be shaped to fit the unique contours of any size pod or complex garden design landscape feature and are backed by a standard 20-year warranty. Take precautions, as some of these can contain toxic ingredients that may leach into the water. They are flexible, allowing you to use nearly any shape you would consider putting in place.

Polythene fabric

It is usually waterproof, windproof, easy to install, and is a low-cost solution for weatherproofing cops and machinery; distributors offer at affordable dam liners prices in Kenya.

The highly versatile fabric can be seamlessly welded to create building linings and covers of all shapes and sizes. Polythene fabric is well suited for the job because it is robust, hard-wearing, and does not stretch.

Insulation and building

Polythene fabric is manufactured using polyester or nylon mesh as a base. It is added to produce a flexible and robust fabric of various thicknesses depending on the intended use. To insulate building lining, warehouses, and storage facilities, a filler material is fixed to one side of the fabric with a polythene layer sealing the filler material inside.

The building lining can be fixed over aluminum or steel cladding to reduce heat loss. This is more effective than traditional insulation methods.


The advantage of this insulation fabric is that it is cost-efficient. Other than that, it is at ease at which the material can be installed and removed as conditions dictate. It makes it ideally suited for use as thermal covers for piggeries and poultry farms. The material is equally suitable for acoustic control. Sections of similar fabric can be installed in the workplace to separate noisy areas and reduce vibrations.

Because of their waterproof nature and lightweight, thin sheets can protect grain and cotton from pests and weather damage. Sections can be produced which can be joined on-site, making it ideal for use as dam liners. Plastic dam liners can be laid on a pre-prepared smooth surface that has been cleared of sharp objects and will provide a permanent waterproof seal making it ideal for use in agriculture. The most crucial cost-saving application is repairing leaking dams, ponds, and irrigation ditches.


Plastic dam liners can line the dam and create a fully waterproof barrier. A thin layer of topsoil is then laid over the lining. The dam can then be refilled, and the lining will be protected from UV light, creating a permanent waterproof barrier.

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