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This year too, the technology-related conference “CES 2019” was held in Las Vegas, USA. This time there were various topics of interest, such as a bendable display, 4K8K video, and “5G”, which is finally approaching reality.

Home cleaning machine

The home cleaning machine “LG style” thought, “It would be convenient to have one in the house of the person who wears the suit!” It cares for odours and pollen with steam and removes wrinkles. Samsung has also announced it, and in the future, in addition to washing machines and dryers, home cleaning machines may become common household appliances.

Evolving smart mirror

Smart mirrors were booming at CES last year, but this year they are becoming more accurate and becoming one of the standard items indispensable for smart homes, rather than new ones.

At the P & G booth, a large smart mirror that can check the whole body’s condition using a toothbrush as a terminal will be exhibited. Checking information such as the weather and managing your health is left to the smart mirror.

Health Tech

That’s a system that allows you to propose solutions targeting specialized facilities such as hospitals and receive medical examinations at home. The range is quite wide, even for lighter home use. There were a wide variety of exhibitors, from large companies to small venture companies.

As an item between Baby Tech and Health Tech, an unusual item allows you to perform echography, which is usually done in a hospital, at home. This is for pregnant women and seems to be welcomed by moms who want to see the floatation anytime.

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Realizing car driving technology

If 5G is realized, it is thought that autonomous driving will become more realistic. Vehicles that seemed to have a box-shaped maas in mind were seen in various places, probably due to the influence of the “e-Palette Concept” announced by Toyota last year. “Voice recognition”, which attracted attention, last year, has become a standard function and has been implemented. A function to clean the camera part, which is indispensable for autonomous driving, has also appeared.

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