All about roulette: history and rules of the game

Fond of games of chance or occasional player? Roulette is an opportunity for you to relax alone or with a group of friends. Let’s take a look back at the history and detailed rules of one of the most popular gambling games in casinos around the world. Online versions are also available, so give it a try now!

History of roulette: a game older than you think

Did you think that roulette was a recent game introduced, for the first time, in casinos? Mistake! It is, of course, difficult to trace its exact origins. But several historians seem to think that the game was created in France during the Middle Ages. Also, you must have noticed the existence of several variants of the game. None of them appeared at the same time, it seems

The origin remains uncertain…

There are three main theories as to the origin of roulette as we know it today. The first is that it was created by a French monk in the Middle Ages to brighten up his monotonous life. The second defends the idea that roulette was inspired by Chinese culture. It was only then that Dominican monks brought it to Europe. Finally, the third would attribute the creation of roulette to Roman soldiers who, to pass the time, used the wheel of a chariot to make a game of it. In any case, roulette must therefore have been a simple distraction before taking on the magnitude of today.

The appearance of modern roulette

Despite its different origins, one thing is certain: European roulette appeared in the 18th century. It owes its name to the novelist Jacques Lablée and his work “La roulette”. Roulette was very inspired by English ยูฟ่าเบท games, such as Roly-Poly and EO. It was introduced in the casinos of Hamburg (Germany) in 1886 by the French brother’s Blanc (François and Louis) before spreading in Europe .

During the same period, French immigrants began to import the game to the New World. But instead of just using the single zero square, they added a double zero square, in order to increase the house’s profit. You should also know that roulette has long been the subject of controversy because of the recurring cheating encountered in the casino. This is why the game has undergone several modifications in order to limit embezzlement.

A game still widely played around the world

Today, the European and American versions of roulette are the most played in the world. But this does not prevent some countries, such as France and Mexico, from setting up their own variant.

Finally, online roulette was authorized in the 90s thanks to licenses granted by the government of Antigua and Barbuda. Some sites allow you to interact with players from all over the world, by paying the bets via a bank card. Others, with a 100% playful character, bring together people who just want to have fun without making real bets.

Roulette Rules

Just like craps and other casino games, it’s best to be well informed about the rules before you start a game of roulette. The rules of European Roulette and American Roulette are essentially the same. However, we will only expose the rules of the first which uses a box for the single zero.

Decipher the playmat

The roulette mat shows 37 numbers, which are divided into 3 columns each with 12 numbers. The zero, meanwhile, will be placed in isolation, at the top of the 36 numbers. On the sides of the carpet, you will find the “simple chances” that group together: red, black, even, odd, lack (1 to 18), pass (19 to 36). At the bottom of the mat, you will find the 3 dozen: 1st dozen, 2nd dozen, and 3rd dozen.

Roulette rules

The dealer’s technical terms

The players will be assisted by a croupier of the casino who will direct the part, and will handle the ball and the cylinder. Among his attributions, he will record the stakes, distribute the winnings and announce the different stages of the UFABET game. The latter must use technical terms already pre-established for each language. You will therefore have to familiarize yourself with them before letting yourself be tempted by the adventure.

Dealer announcements and their meanings:

  • Place your bets: start betting, after the settlement of previous winnings
  • The chips are down: throwing the ball
  • Nothing goes: end of the bets, a little before the announcement of the winning number
  • Nothing works: accidental release of the ball from the cylinder

What wins for what bet?

For the gain, it all depends on the risk you take by betting:

  • 1 Full number Bet x 35
  • 2 Straddling numbers Bet x 17
  • 3 Transverse Bet x 11
  • 4 Square Bet x 8
  • 6 Sixain Bet x 5
  • 12 Dozen or column Bet x 2
  • 18 Single chance Bet x 1
  • 24 Two adjacent columns Bet x 0.5

If the roulette wheel points to zero, you will lose all bets on multiple odds. Also note that if you win, you get your initial bet and your winnings back.