All About Odds About Score Bets In Soccer Betting 2023

Betting on football scores is a way for players to make investment values ​​​​for their betting game. Currently on the market there are many different odds and effective betting methods. If you want to learn more about this topic, follow the article below of 123B.

How to understand football score bet?

Football betting odds are understood as the difference between the top and bottom teams after the ball game. In the match will include the top team is the stronger team and the bottom team will be the weaker team. The football betting house will offer different odds for you to choose from.

The ratios will evaluate the correlation against the disparity of the two teams. This rate is very rich and diverse, you participate in bets and accept to win or lose for your game. Bet points will provide the player with the base rate about 1 week before the match starts. You will base on that to make the most reasonable and accurate money decision.

The concept of betting on scores in football

Popular score bets on the market

As mentioned above, the betting market currently has many different types of bets for players to choose from. However, to say that it is the most popular, there are only 3 main rafters including European rafters, Over Under and Asian rafters, specifically as follows:

European football betting odds

At European rafters, it is divided into three main doors: Win – Draw – Lose. This is a simple way to bet on the score, but the odds are the highest, the odds of winning will be given by the house corresponding to the betting door.

Therefore, the participant is only interested in the result of winning or losing, not the number of goals scored in the match, and the result symbol is announced as follows:

  • Number 1 represents the host to win
  • The symbol X is the door to place for a tie result
  • Number 2 is the door for the away team to win

Asian score bets

At Asian rafters, the betting odds are diverse and bring many choices for family members. However, if you bet on the Asian market, there will be no tie like the European market, but in Asia, it will only include the upper and lower doors.

Asian handicap football betting odds were born to ensure fairness for those who participate in Asian rafters because in a match there are only winners and losers. To ensure fairness, the strong team will give the weak team handicap according to the odds offered by the house.

Odds written in decimal or fractional form or between the top and bottom in a match. Here are some common odds in Asian sports betting including: ¼, ½, ¾, 1 ½, …..

The familiar Asian handicap in every betting game

Over and under bets on the score

Finally, it is the Over and Under score bet, this bet is launched with the purpose for players to make decisions on money in a simpler and easier way. Because if you choose to bet on this door, you will receive a win rate of up to 50%. The task of the player in the Over and under bet is to pay attention to the total number of goals scored in 1 half or the whole match.

Because the player who chooses this bet will proceed to bet on 2 main doors, Over or Under, around the number given by the bet point. If you predict two teams to score more goals than the milestone value, then bet on Over and vice versa bet on Under if you guess the number of goals is less than the number offered by the house.

Notes to remember when choosing a score bet

After learning the basic information related to the concept of betting odds, you must have for yourself certain knowledge on this topic. In addition to understanding and understanding the bets, you need to keep in mind the following notes of 123B to get the best betting results:

  • Choose a reputable and reputable betting point like 123B to enter the rafters.
  • Consideration and flexibility in using the most appropriate betting strategy.
  • Depending on the game, players make different betting decisions.
  • Managing your own money always leaves a way out for yourself.
  • Be a wise person who knows when to stop when participating in online betting.

Do not ignore the following notes if you want your betting to be successful.


If players know how to invest properly, the score bet will not only bring you relaxation and entertainment, but also a huge amount of winnings when entering the correct bet. hopes that through the information shared above, you have given yourself enough knowledge to start the process of hunting rewards with all your efforts.

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