All about Andar Bahar and Dragon Tiger

Gambling card games like dragon tiger as well as Andar bahar are said to have evolved in the Indian subcontinent. These games are now widely played throughout South Asia. It was heavily influenced by poker and developed from the English card game three-card brag. It goes by the names flush and flashes in different regions. It was built from the ground up to be modified to fit your needs.

How to Play Games on the Andar Bahar Online Apps?

The Andar Bahar Online game allows several players to take part in the gameplay at the same time. Since it is an online platform, you can connect with your friends and family too to enjoy the exciting gameplay. Here’s how you can play Andar Bahar online:

  • First, you need to create your account on the Online Andar Bahar platform.
  • Net, you have to buy into a game and wait for at least one other participant.
  • The dealer will start dealing the cards with the joker. Since it is an online channel, the computer program will determine a Joker card, which is essentially the first card that is placed in the middle between both slots.
  • Now the players need to start betting. You will bet on where the card with the same value as the joker card will land. The options are ‘Andar’ or ‘Bahar.’
  • Once all the players have chosen their prediction slots, you will bet a sum of money.
  • The dealer will then continue to unfold one card at a time on each slot till they reach another card that has the same value as the Joker. If the Joker card had a red suit (hearts or diamonds), then the dealer will deal the first card in the slot marked ‘Bahar.’ If the Joker card contained a black suit (spades or clubs) then the dealer will deal the first card on the ‘Andar’ slot.
  • Based on whether your prediction was right or wrong, you will win or lose.
  • You can also place side bets on Andar Bahar online gaming apps. Here you will have options to choose what color the joker will be before the first card is dealt.
  • You can also place side bets on the value of the joker card or whether it will be above or below a designated value, or how many cards will be unfolded before revealing the card equivalent to the Joker.
  • The platform will then make a payment to your online wallet if you won or deduct the sum you wagered if you were wrong.
  • You can continue to partake in more rounds of the game using our Andar Bahar tricks that we will disclose in a minute. Before that, we want to clarify that the Andar Bahar conceptual gameplay is available on several apps that support Live Andar Bahar, Virtual Andar Bahar, and RNG Andar Bahar.

Based on the type of game you like, you need to choose the app that best suits your preferences and use our Andar Bahar tricks on that.

What to do if you want to win at Dragon Tiger?

If you’re having trouble winning in Dragon Tiger, try some of these basic tips and methods.

  • Watch the dealer like a hawk

To increase your chances of winning at Dragon Tiger live casino, it is a good idea to study the dealer. Bet only after careful consideration of the game’s progression and the development of a clear strategy. You may increase your chances of winning by paying close attention to the action and making your choices accordingly.

  • Grasp the intricacies of the field

Make sure you know how to play Dragon Tiger casino games before you spend time enjoying them. Gain an understanding of the Dragon Tiger’s actual gameplay to increase your chances of winning. Due to the simplicity of the game, you will quickly become an expert player. Varying online casinos may have different payout rates for the same game, so it’s important to do your research before you play.

  • Bet just on the most important games

A 50-50 chance of winning if you bet exclusively on the Dragon & Tiger. Because you may place bets without resorting to card counting or other techniques, many players believe this to be a top betting choice.

  • Don’t repeat past mistakes

One common mistake is to “ride their luck” after a winning round by placing further wagers on the same side. It’s not a good idea to keep betting the same amount simply because you’re winning. In either case, your chances of winning the next round are unaffected.

  • Avoid wagering on ties

There is a chance for much larger payouts on side bets at the Dragon Tiger live casino, but it is not as simple to win as it would first seem. Tie bets are a bad idea if you’re looking for a side bet to avoid. Tie bets are notoriously difficult to win but offer some of the highest payouts.

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