Advantages of Outsourcing Transcription Services 

Transcription involves converting audio into text, and businesses have begun picking up transcription by recording meetings and capturing events on video. Having a transcribed document helps the business communicate to its customers, market its products and keep senior management informed.Employees can do transcription within the company, and converting audio to text requires skill and is time-consuming. New technology has enabled companies to stop this tedious process and outsource transcription to other companies. This article will highlight the advantage of outsourcing transcription services to other companies.

Obtain Accurate Transcripts

Transcription is not an easy task for most employees, and doing the task requires skill and accuracy. If your company wishes to delegate transcription to its employees, the work done will not meet your standards because they are not trained to do transcription. Outsourcing to a company with its own trained employees will yield accurate transcripts for your business. Recent developments in AI technology have occurred, but even technology doesn’t get everything right.

Secures Confidential Information

Businesses use transcription to record meetings and group sessions within a company. Using an in-house transcriber would compromise the information relayed during the meetings. Using an outsourced company will guarantee the company of security of the sensitive information spoken during the meetings. When outsourcing to transcription companies, non-disclosure agreements are signed by both parties to prevent information from leaking to other parties. Transcription firms also store the data in encrypted files to prevent leaking sensitive information.

Allows for Flexibility

Transcribed work varies depending on how much data you need to convert to text. Businesses have scheduled meetings or events in a year and the information that needs conversion. When there is a large influx of work, an outsourced company is always ready to deliver quality transcripts. These companies have the personnel ready to execute transcripts, and when there are no audio files, the business can take them off their retainer. They are hired on a need basis, and you can’t task your in-house team to be on standby for transcripts because it will hinder the business’ progress.

Reduces Costs

Employing in-house staff to handle transcription can be very expensive because hidden costs include office space, IT resources, and new equipment. It is better to outsource transcription services because they have the tools to execute the workload. Transcription companies already have the manpower and equipment to do the job, and it will reduce your overhead costs.

Increased and Improved Productivity

When your in-house staff dedicates time to transcribing materials, it takes away valuable time from them to do the work for your business. Outsourcing transcription will give your staff more time to focus on the business and increase productivity. Giving them audio to transcribe a meeting they have attended would be redundant. It is best to outsource the work to companies that provide these services so that your team is allowed to increase productivity by producing new business strategies.

Quicker Turnaround

Transcribing audio material takes a skilled transcriber 4hours for every 1-hour audio. Someone with less experience will take a longer time to transcribe. It will take full-time employees a few days to complete the task if you want to convert several speeches into text. Assuming the employee is doing other tasks, it may take longer.Outsourcing to companies that use AI to convert audio to texts may take just a few hours. These companies use AI to convert audio within minutes and use human transcribers to correct the errors made by the AI. Once corrected, the human transcribers produce near-perfect transcripts.
Your business can get content to their clients quicker rather than waiting for a few days or a week before the content is outdated.

Final Thoughts

As stated, outsourcing transcription duties to other companies save your business time and resources, provides accurate transcripts, keeps information secure, reduces costs and employee workload, and makes your business more productive. If you need more resources on where to outsource your transcription needs:

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