Advantages Of Different Dog Breeds

This topic will be discussed over what kinds of dog breeds are there and their advantages. Many people are wondering what kind of breed is best for them and their families. Well, it is perfectly normal to feel this way.

Wanting a dog is a serious decision, so choosing a bread that suits you and your lifestyle is of equal importance. For example, Kip Doggy Day Care Melbourne has told us that if you plan on keeping your dog indoors most of the time, a dog bread that doesn’t require a lot of space or doesn’t shed a lot will be more suited to you. But remember all dogs require a certain level of care and love, so no matter the bread you need to be prepared for this. In this article we will discuss different dog breads, their characteristics, and their care requirements so you can find one that you simply adore.

Labrador retrievers

This breed is most popular worldwide, as they have been among us for many years. It is critical to note that they are family dogs and can be around anyone. They are loyal, great with kids, friendly, they can make scare off a burglar, and live longer.

One “disadvantage” is that they want to play a lot, so you should consider taking them to the park to meet new buddies, or if you have a yard, be sure to play with them a lot. They love water as well, so do not be alarmed about that.

Another thing to note is that they shed seasonally, so you will need to brush them regularly. Always tend to them, and give your attention to these cuties, or they will be mad at you for not doing so. An important thing to note is that when they start to get older, they are prone to injuries such as suffering from knee ligament issues, hip dysplasia, arthritis.

If you wonder how long their lifespan is, they live from twelve to thirteen years, so worry not; your furball will be around for a long time. An essential thing to note while talking about this breed is that they do not have other common health issues such as geriatric problems, urinary incontinence, dementia, hearing loss, heart-related problems, etc.

Want to read more about these furballs? Then be sure to check out the following link for more information about this breed

German shepherds

This breed is primarily known for being loyal. They are also known as GSD and are, in fact, used for the K-9 dog unit. They are brilliant and trustworthy, thus make an excellent guard dog for families or facilities. This breed is great around children, or other family members, as they are very friendly.

Their large size is what often people with small children think twice before getting one, but be sure that they are very gentle. Once they meet your kids, they are going to be their guardians until their last breath. One thing which can be “fatal” is their tail.

If they swing their tail, the results can be devastating as they will sweep that coffee table in a matter of seconds. Be careful when you are around them because if they get too excited, you will get slapped with their tail.

Shepherds are known for being prone to hip dysplasia, knee ligament injuries, and in some cases, it has been noticed that they are prone to heart-related problems. If you want to read more about how to take care of your dog, click on this link.

The Great Dane

If someone tells you that great Danes are great apartment dogs, nobody would believe you. If you have seen this breed, it is most likely that you have noticed them on a sofa, relaxing after a hard day of playing catch or other games.

If you have kids, it is recommended to be around them if you have this dog because they are enormous. They would never hurt your child on purpose, but they are not aware of how big they are and may stumble on them unintentionally.

Unfortunately, their lifespan is not too big, and it can vary from six to eight years, as they have predisposed to heart-related issues, gastric dilation, or bloat.

Golden retrievers

This is the most common breed that people are simply adoring. They are a beautiful, gentle, friendly, and intelligent creature that just loves hanging out with people. They can also be trained to be service dogs. A vital thing to note is that they are great with children and other animals because, as written above, all they want to do is hang out.

If you can take care of them in the sense of brushing them frequently, then they are the go-to breed for you. They are also known for prone injuries, hip injuries, GDV, and as well as heart problems.


All in all, every breed wants attention from you. Whatever you go for, it is mandatory to take care of them. Every animal wants attention and love. If you take care of them, then you should prepare for the tons of love you are about to receive.

The written above dogs are only some of the dogs people go for, yet there are so many out there. There is one breed that should definitely be mentioned, and they are known as bulldogs. They are the real clowns, and when people think of them, they often think about donuts because they are just super sweet.

Others should definitely be mentioned, such as pugs, dachshunds, poodles, boxers, chihuahuas, border collies, beagles, etc. There are so many more, and all of them have a single priority, giving you as much love as possible.