Advantages, disadvantages, types of solid wood doors

Many people ask the question – are the solid wood doors worth such a considerable investment? What are their advantages? Are there any disadvantages? What criteria should be used to choose a wooden door to justify the investment?

You will learn these answers and several other questions in the material below.

Solid wood doors are distinguished by a unique pattern, which is unusual for each door block by combining individual elements’ texture and milled sections. Note, that at New York doors showroom, Doors & More, we have a vast collection of such products. Feel free to visit or call and get your discount today!

While painted, laminated, film-laminated, and even veneered doors look like a typical mass product in any design.

The secrets of the superiority of natural wood doors are:

  • 100% environmental friendliness;
  • spectacular appearance;
  • good heat protection and sound insulation;
  • The wood itself is a wear-resistant and high-strength raw material. The probability of deformation of wood products is minimal;
  • high reliability (with professional installation) and durability. This is a fact confirmed by time – in several monasteries and castles in Europe, oak and walnut doors are successfully used, which are far more than a hundred years old, but they are made by hand.

In addition, they allow you to see any defects in the material and joints.

Disadvantages of solid wood doors

Wood is a combustible material and any treatment, even with the most expensive fire retardants, only increases the time until the start of combustion, and therefore doors from the solid wood are not a fire barrier in any way;

Any decorative elements (faceted glass, ornaments, forged elements, etc.) increase the price of the door block, but in fact, are short-lived and complicate the renovation or restoration of protective and decorative coatings;

Moisture resistance and, accordingly, the risks of swelling, shrinkage, cracks depend on the material of the tree but more on the thoroughness of the surface treatment.

The complexity of installation. Doors made of natural solid wood are hefty. If installed incorrectly with incorrectly selected door hinges, the leaf can sag and deform.

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Care feature. For the products to serve for more than a dozen years, proper care is essential – it is necessary to regularly update the coating and restore it.

Types of solid wood doors

According to current standards, the main types are determined by the wood used. Below are the most popular types of wood from which door leaves are made.

Solid pine

The processed board from the middle layers of perennial resinous pine in texture and properties resembles larch with yellowish-pink sapwood. It is distinguished by pronounced annual layers, which, when milled, give unique spectacular patterns.

Pinewood is resistant to decay and has pretty good strength with an average density. The disadvantages include the inability to withstand moisture and temperature extremes.

Such doors have a relatively low cost; they are often chosen for indoor use in rooms with low humidity.


The USA is mainly walnuts with a brownish-gray core, grayish sapwood, and poorly expressed annual layers.

The walnut is classified as a valuable species. It has good decorative qualities and good resistance to decay.

The hardness and density of the walnut are average, so the doors are pretty sensitive to mechanical shock, but they are almost completely restored after professional repair work. They are considered prestigious models.


They are distinguished by scuffed annual lines and a resinless structure.

The main advantages of alder are high moisture saturation. Alder doors can withstand long-term exposure to moisture, and that is why they will be the best choice for interiors in rooms with high humidity.


In the USA, they are made from pedunculated oak with a yellowish-brown (less often dark-brown) core and yellowish-white sapwood with pronounced annual layers and heart-shaped rays. Sometimes this leads to confusion, and many buyers mistake them for ash.

Doors made of solid oak are traditionally elite due to their spectacular texture, high strength, and resistance to decay. Unlike other species, oak can withstand constant fluctuations in humidity and temperatures. In addition, oak canvases are resistant to mechanical stress, due to which they practically do not deform upon impact. They have the best heat and sound insulation properties.

But still, they have one drawback – the high price. The relatively high cost is due to several reasons: more complex processing, the need for lamellar multilayer structures, etc.

But, if you decide to purchase such products, you can be sure they will last more than a dozen years, reliably protecting your home not only from outside penetration but also giving peace of mind.

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The main criteria for choosing doors of solid wood

It should be solid wood and without any top covering.

The presence of any coating on the wood surface – veneer, film, HPL, or CPL is highly likely to indicate that there are defects in the frame elements. So the racks of the canvas can be spliced ​​along the length, or another cheaper material is hidden under the cover.

Choose products only from a well-known brand that has confirming quality certificates. The supplier company guarantees the authenticity of the products.

Must be well treated with antiseptic, water-repellent compounds, and 3-4 coats of two-component varnish.

In fact, the presence or absence of impregnation on wood can only be determined by a specialist in a slight change in wood color.

However, the presence of a multilayer varnish coating is easy to determine by touch – the surface of the door leaf and frame should be absolutely smooth, regardless of whether transparent, semi-matt, or matt varnishes were used.

Should be matched to the material for specific operating conditions.

So, for:

  • bathrooms – oak, larch;
  • interior rooms – walnut, oak, alder, pine.

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