The Aaradhike song lyrics from the Ambili Malayalam movie have been released. Written by Vinayak Sasikumar, it is sung by Sooraj Santhosh and Madhvanthi Narayan. The song is released under the official label of E4 Entertainment. Read on to learn more about the lyrics of Aaradhike. And if you love Aaradhike, check out this movie!

Ambili songs are often sung by blind people with special needs. This song celebrates the bond between two souls. The song  steal my girl ringtone‘Ente nenjaake nee alle’ is an example. The song is a touching one, as Ambili is blind, but she has a crush on Teena Kurian, played by Tanvi Ram. The words ‘Ente nenjaake nee alle’ and ‘Unmaadam nee alle’ are reminiscent of the love between two souls.

Aaradhike Information:
Movie: Ambili
Singer: Sooraj Santhosh & Madhuvanthi Narayan
Music: Vishnu Vijay
Year: 2019

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Song Download Link

Aaradhike Song-Download

Aaradhike Song-Download

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