A Helpful Guide to Get Instagram Follower

These days, pictures rule the world all thanks to the advent of Instagram. Ever since this social networking platform came into existence, millions have sought to create an account in it and share their best photos. It has not only been a platform where people can interact through picturesque post their look of the day, it has also become a platform where people exchange their ideas, share their thoughts, share their stories with the entire world. Hence, the need to get instagram followers has also become inevitable for the success of your presence in the platform is defined by the number of followers you have.

There are many ways to grow your followers per say and one of the easiest methods to grow them is by buying them. As easy as it sounds, this method may not be quite effective for you will certainly have a huge following count but what’s the point of it all if your engagement rate is zero! Your engagement rate is what increases your visibility, it is what makes your page appeal to other users. Buying followers will make your page look successful but at the end of the day, if your page lacks interaction then this is a clear indication that you need to ramp up your page and put more efforts into making it stand out from the rest.

If you are considering buying your followers then that is on you. There are many benefits to buying them and there are also the drawbacks of growing your Instagram or rather, faking your growth of Instagram by buying followers. However, if you want to get instagram followers organically, then here is why they matter.

Importance of organic followers

  • It is not just about the following count. It is also about the engagement rate. As has been mentioned above, at the end of the day, the engagement rate of your page matters the most and it is what makes your page visible to other users as well. You want people to actually engage in your posts, appreciate what you have to offer, and make the post connect you with them as well. Buying followers will not help you achieve these features.
  • If you are a business or a brand owner, you particularly need to focus on growing your Instagram organically because you want real people to see the meaning of your brand and what it stands for. You are on the platform to have followers who can be potential converts and may stick to your brand in the future too. Hence, you have to adapt new strategies that will help you not only grow your follower count but your engagement rate as well.
  • When you have real followers, they will also do half of the work for you. They might post about your page in their stories or in their feed, which will help you reach more users. Instagram is a platform that has millions of users which means that it is a great platform to reach out to more people who are real and who will have something to value in your page. You, on the other hand, need to take advantage of this and try to make your page appeal to them and make them feel that they would be missing something if they did not follow your page.

Tips to get instagram followers organically

Here are some tips you can use to get instagram followers that are organic and will also engage in your posts.

  • Plot. Post. These three Ps are the determining factor of the success of your Instagram. Before you post anything on your page, you first need to make an outline of how you want your page to look. You cannot just post any picture that appeals to you and looks good to you. You have to have a theme especially if you want to attract users. It’s best to stick with one color tone that will differentiate your page from others and give it its own identity. Try to make a preset so that you can easily edit your pictures with the same kind of tone. This will make your page look aesthetic and you will begin to attract more followers.
  • If you really want to make it big in this visual platform then it’s perhaps time that you invest in a quality camera so that you can capture quality images and post quality content. Instagram is all about pictures and all your messages, all the ideas, and the stories you have to share will fall flat if you do not have a high quality image to share it with. Hence, invest in a good camera and a little bit of photography lessons so as to learn the angles, the lighting, the adjustments, can be a great aid to help you grow your page.
  • Frame catchy captions. Try to play with words and try to come with your own puns, idioms, quotes, and phrases. Get creative with words and phrases so that you can frame captions that people can relate to. Your captions have to be highly relatable since this is the reason why people might want to follow you too. People always tend to fall for familiarity. Therefore, make them feel that you are just like them.
  • Try to be emotive. Depending on the picture you are sharing, sometimes your captions may be funny, sometimes sad, while sometimes, it may just be about life. Whatever it is, the captions certainly need to have a wow factor that will click with the users immediately.

These are some strategies you can apply to get instagram followers and up your gram game. If you follow these tips and apply it, you will certainly attract more followers and they in turn, will help you grow your page automatically. Make sure you put in some effort in your page and try to be creative at all times. Investing in a good camera can be highly beneficial so do follow the tips mentioned above.