9 Offbeat things to do in Shimla

There are many places and things to do in Shimla, but there are also some famous ones. If you’re the type who love to try new things and skip the familiar, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to give you a list of unusual things to do at Shimla. These include places to visit in Shimla that are not commonly visited and things you can do in Shimla together while you are planning your Shimla Travel Package.

1) Explore Shimla’s many cafes

Many cafes are cozy and beautiful in Shimla. Many of them offers a stunning views of the hills outside and cozy interiors. Many have a rooftop or balcony from which one can relax with a cup of hot coffee or a slice of delicious honey cake while taking in the sights of the Himalayas. One of the most unusual things I do in Shimla is to visit a cafe. You can go anytime, anywhere.

These famous cafes and eateries in Shimla are worth a visit.

2) Honey Hut, Shimla

This concept of a chain cafe focuses on honey-based products. It is right next to the shopping centre. It offers delicious honey-based products and a stunning view of the hills as you enjoy a bite of the delicacies.

3) Sharma Vaishno Dhaba, Shimla

It’s a Dhaba on the Kufri-Chail Road, a purely vegetarian one with a dirt-cheap price and delicious home-cooked meals.

4) Goofa-Ashiana

It’s located right on the ridge and consists of Goofa, the basement restaurant, and Ashiana, the top restaurant. It is strategically placed to offer 360-degree views of Shimla.

5) Indian Coffee House

This old and charming establishment is now an institution. It is located right on the bustling mall road and is well-known for its delicious coffee, snacks, and other treats.

6) Aunty’s Kitchen

It is located near Shimla’s fire station and is considered one of the oldest Chinese eateries in Shimla. If you are passing through this area, try the momos or the noodles. The warm hospitality of the host will meet you.

7) You can read a book on your resort lawn.

Natural beauty is something that one would love to enjoy in a place such as Shimla. Romancing nature is not something you can do once in a while. It would be best if you were patient and steady here. We prefer hotels and homestays that offer a lot of open space and a nice view of the surrounding area. We can enjoy a book or a leisurely chat with the owner or family on the terrace or lawn. Watch your toddler have fun while you soak in the natural beauty.

Because Shimla is such a beautiful place, many of the hotels, resorts and even homestays offer stunning views of the surrounding. Every spot is gorgeous, unlike many tourist spots. This activity can be enjoyed anywhere in Shimla. This is why it made our list of the most unusual things to do at Shimla.

8) Spend time at the Himalayan Bird Park

The Himalayan Bird Park is a great place to go if you love nature, like to review the scenery and enjoy slow travel.

9) Chail Cricket Ground is a short distance from Shimla.

The Chail cricket field is the highest in the world. It is large and green. It is worth visiting if you are planning to visit Chail or are staying in Chail. It is possible to take a day trip from Shimla to Chail and visit the Chail Palace. This is a beautiful old palace in a stunning setting. It’s worth a visit.

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