7 ways to speed up your Android smartphone

In this world of technology, slow mobile devices are indeed a big issue and can be frustrating at times. No one wants to spend thousands of bucks to buy crap. Numerous factors could affect the performance of the mobile phone. Sometimes a low storage space could make the device slow. Also, the performance of the mobile phones depends on the usage as well. Following are some of the ways you can adapt to avoid the problem of slow mobile phone devices.

Power off and on again

This is the most classic way to diagnose the problem. It clears up the Random-Access Memory. Sometimes when you open up a number of apps at once and then close them all, but the device still remains slow, it means the remnants of the app are still left open. Turning the device off closes all the running apps completely and free up the RAM. This helps in speeding up the device. We must power off and, on the device, every once in a while to improve the performance of the device.

Keep your software updated.

Software updates that come every once in a while improve the performance of the device. Make sure to keep your devices up to date. Each software brings something exciting. It ensures better stability, higher performance, better speed, and connectivity, along with other new features. Outdated software also makes the device slow.

Delete extra applications

Every app you install in your device takes up some memory and runs some background app activity, which adds up to the data usage of the device. It also consumes a battery. Extra applications in your device are of no use; they just occupy the space or increase the workload of the device, which makes the device slower. Uninstall all the unnecessary apps from the device to make the device run faster.

Delete old conversation

Everyone keeps a few of the old conversations in their device for the sake of memories, but no one has benefitted from it till date because they are of no use. These texts take up so much of the space and make the device slower. Delete all the unnecessary chats or conversations with your ex. It will not only make your phone feel better but you as well.

Shun the use of Live wallpapers

Live wallpapers need more CPU cycles to run than ordinary wallpapers, which in turn also drains the battery of the device. Live wallpapers look amazing, but they are not good for your phone’s health. Every time you turn on your phone, you run not only the applications but also the live wallpaper, which creates an extra burden to the battery health of the device.

Clear cache data

The cache is an extremely fast memory data set that lets the user find the frequently access information easily. It stores a small amount of information from frequently visited sites and saves you time. But this can take up the storage of the device. In case your device is running low on storage, then clear up space by removing the cache memory. It will help the device run faster.

Perform a factory reset as a last resort

If nothing from the above-mentioned helps speeds up the device, then make a backup of all the data that is stored inside the device and perform a factory reset as a last resort. It will not only clear up space but also makes the device malware and virus-free. The device would feel like a new one after doing a hard reset. It will run smoothly and fast.

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