‎7 Major Ways to Use Digital Marketing

TikTok. Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest. Email. PPC ads.

These are all part of digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing encompasses everything from paid online ads to email campaigns.

Companies spend anywhere from $10,000 to $10 million a year on content creation for digital marketing.

The question for you is how you invest in digital marketing and make it work for your business. You want to see a return on investment, right?

Here are the top ways that digital marketing can be used to give your business the best results in mind.

1. Write Blog Posts for Search Engines and Readers

When you write blog posts, you’re really writing for two audiences. The first audience is the person on the other side of the screen reading your work.

The second audience is the search engine responsible for putting your content in front of potential new readers.

How can you write for both audiences? The first thing you need to do is understand how your audience searches for information online. Look for the search terms they use on a particular topic. If you’re stuck, start with the phrase, “how to.”

Think about the common questions you get from your customers. There are probably thousands of others with the same question. You just need to find out how people search online for the answer.

Once you have your list of search terms, you can then use those terms in your content.

2. Build Relevant Landing Pages for PPC

Are you using paid search ads as part of your digital marketing strategy? Please don’t send people to the home page of your site and expect them to call your business.

If you’re going to spend the money on paid ads, have a landing page built specifically for capturing that traffic. The purpose of the landing page is to validate the click of the user.

Once the user sees your page and sees that they made the right choice by clicking on the ad, they’re more likely to read the content on the page and take the next step in the sales process.

That next step can be for them to schedule a consultation, download a white paper, sign up for a free trial, or purchase a product.

When you send people to the home page in your PPC campaigns, you’re giving people who click on the ad irrelevant information. Plus, they have to click through your site to figure out what your business is about.

3. Create Videos for Engagement

Video content is the key to your digital marketing success.

There are dozens of ways to use video to engage users. You do need to keep in mind that most people watch videos on Facebook and Instagram on mute. If you don’t have captions, then your videos will get little engagement.

There are tricks and tools that you can use to add captions. You can add captions in the editing process, or use apps that do the captioning for you. It’s very essential to use online video editor platforms, as they often offer user-friendly captioning features that simplify the process of enhancing your videos with subtitles and captions, ensuring better accessibility and engagement.

There are a lot of other content creators on YouTube, so you need to have a high production value in your videos. You don’t need to spend a ton of money building a new studio. Just focus on good lighting and sound at first. For Example, music artist marketing would involve making a music video on YouTube for each of the recording artists Spotify songs.

4. Draft a Lot of Headlines

Your blog posts and email response rate both depend on one thing: a great headline. Headlines are what get people interested in your content.

You never want to write only one headline for your content and go with it. Take the time to draft at least 10-15 different headlines.

You’ll see that the time is well-spent when you see more people clicking through to your website.

5. See How Your Website Is Used

You’re using digital marketing to drive traffic to your website. Your website is like any other retail location in that it has to be appealing to users.

That’s how you’ll get more conversions.

Most analytics tools only give you so much information about your users. There are other tools that include session replays, which tell you exactly what random users are doing on your site.

This article from decibel.com explains what session replay is and why you need it for digital marketing.

6. Run A/B Tests

How do you know something works well or if there are other possibilities that might work better?

You test them.

You should always run A/B tests on landing pages and in email campaigns. You can test headlines, colors, content, button colors, and images.

Be sure to only run one element of a page at a time so you can be sure that improvements are due to that single change.

7. Create a Content Generation System

One of the biggest challenges that marketers and business owners face when they create content is keeping the messaging consistent across digital platforms.

It’s also hard to create content for all of these different platforms and stay true to your brand.

The best thing you can do is to have a system to create content across platforms that doesn’t require a lot of time or effort.

For instance, you can create a long-form video about a topic that falls in line with your keywords. You can transcribe that content and use it as a blog post.

The long-form video can be edited for YouTube. You can then pull short clips and segments from that video to create quote images and short videos for Instagram and Facebook.

All of that can be done with a few tools and nifty editing. With one long video, you have your content for at least a week. Millions of people are interested to know about Ask Reader.

Best Ways to Use Digital Marketing Wisely

How can you use digital marketing to your advantage and grow your business? Use the tactics that work that will expand your reach, but use them to meet people where they’re at.

Learn the search terms that they use to find information in search engines like YouTube and Google. Create content that helps them solve problems. Most of all, have fun creating content in a way that is engaging and doesn’t take all day to produce. Use these tools such as FastPeopleSearch to look up numbers for free.

Did you find these digital marketing tips to be helpful? Take a look at the other business articles we have on this site.

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