6 truth about Luvmehair wigs you should know


Luvmehair is currently the most fans and most popular wig brand in North America. 95% of Luvmehair consumers are black women who love life and are independent. Therefore, in the field of wigs, Luvmehair is a very trustworthy brand. Let’s take a look at 6 interesting facts about Luvmehair!

1. Luvmehair is an innovative wig brand

Luvmehair is a brand of wigs that is always innovative. Every year, they develop new wigs based on existing wigs or based on their customer research results. In terms of lace wigs, Luvmehair has created Undetectable lace wigs for the invisible properties, so that they have a series of high-end lace wigs that are more natural and invisible than ordinary lace wigs. In terms of glueless wigs, they have developed headband wigs human hair for sports-loving groups and created many popular styles of headband wigs. In 2022, they have designed throw on and go wigs for wig novices.

2. Luvmehair only sells human hair wigs

An important feature about Luvmehair is that they only sell human hair wigs. Although human hair wigs cost more and have lower profit margins than synthetic hair, they still insist on selling high-quality human hair wigs.

If you pay enough attention to wigs, then you may find that many gorgeous and beautiful low-cost wigs are made of synthetic hair. But those wigs that look smooth, natural, and ordinary tend to be more expensive. This is because the most important thing about human hair wigs is nature, not the pursuit of gorgeous and colorful. Natural, durable, comfortable human hair wigs are what Luvmehair is all about.

3. Luvmehair’s throw on and go wigs are great for wig beginners

The core appeal of Throw on and go wigs is its easy installation. You don’t need glue to aid the installation of throw on and go wigs, nor do you need to pre-plucked throw on and go wigs, etc. You just take it out of the bag, put it on, clamp the hairpin inside, and you’re done. For styling, you also don’t need to do as much grooming as they have nice curls and bangs.

Throw on and go wigs series are all human hair wigs with bangs. This kind of wig with bangs can better shape your face. It can make prismatic face, round face women look more beautiful and cute.

4. Luvmehair’s after-sales service is more satisfactory than other wig brands

The reason why Luvmehair has so many enthusiastic fans has an important relationship with their sincere, caring and responsive after-sales system. Luvmehair has a standard after-sales system (email), and social media channels are also part of the after-sales system. Any consumers who have purchased luvmehair wig can directly respond to the product problems they encounter through channels such as Douyin, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You only need to quote your order number, and you can receive intervention and processing from the Luvmehair customer service system within one day.

5. Luvmehair’s short bob wigs get a redesign in 2022

The innovative power of Luvmehair lies in the development of new wigs and the redevelopment of old wigs. In 2022, they launched throw on and go wigs (or you can call it TAG wigs for short) in the development of new wigs. Luvmehair, in the redevelopment of old wigs, is optimized for bob wigs. They have successfully achieved new upgrades in the shape and function of short bob wigs.

The hairline part of Frontal short bob wigs and closure short bob wigs has been pre-plucked upgraded uniformly. And they do a root-heightening treatment for some short bob wigs that look flatter, which makes these bob wigs look more fluffy.

6. Almost all Luvmehair wigs last over a year

Because Luvmehair insists on using high-quality human hair wigs as raw materials, their wigs tend to have a longer lifespan than other wigs. At present, the human hair wigs on the market generally have a service life of six months to one year. And Luvmehair human hair wigs can last over a year with proper maintenance. If you follow their facebook group, you will find that many black sisters have Luvmehair wigs that have been used for two or three years.

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