6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Second Hand Scooty In Bangalore

Globally India is one of the largest two-wheeler markets. Be it a village or a metropolitan city, the need for a scooty is everywhere. Due to this reason, there has been an increase in the purchase and sale of second hand scooty in Bangalore. In a place like Bangalore where the traffic is extremely high having a second hand scooty has become extremely important.

In the current market scenario, a lot of second hand scooty are available at fair prices which is why a lot of people are purchasing a used scooty instead of a new one (saving money in the process). In this article, we are going to discuss things to look out for while opting to buy a second hand scooty in Bangalore.

Look for a scooty that perfectly suits your lifestyle

Whether you want to use the scooty for daily commute or you want to use it as a product delivery executive, it is extremely important for you to rope in multiple factors including your daily lifestyle if you want to buy a second hand scooty in Bangalore. Assessing your riding requirements are extremely important if you want to be specific on your purchase. Also, you might want to consider the points below:

  • Depending upon your requirements or if you have a specific model in mind, conduct proper research before you make the purchase. As the automobile industry is rapidly developing, it has become necessary to be updated on its development.
  • Figuratively speaking, the research done by you today may become outdated tomorrow due to specific developments in the industry. Therefore, rely on the manufacturer’s website to get proper and reliable information on the models you want to buy.
  • Follow blogs and reviews of scooty riders to understand the rider’s experiences. Your opinion as a rider may differ but you will also find a lot of significant opinions and suggestions through them.
  • To get additional information you can also talk to your friends who are enthusiastic about second hand scooty in Bangalore because nothing can be compared to practical knowledge and experiences.

Find out the proper market value

After gathering enough information on the second hand scooty in Bangalore try to research the model’s present market price. Also, check out the existing resale price of the same model scooty in the local market. Visiting an online second hand bike selling platform will provide you an extensive impression about the used scooty model you are willing to purchase.

More importantly, this way you may come across a better scooty that is within your budget. Moreover, you will also be able to receive a reliable estimates on thousands of scooty nationwide and you can also receive customized search results.

Validity and availability of second hand scooty in Bangalore

The insurance of any scooty is dependent upon multiple factors and the factors such as the scooty model. Although the third-party insurance companies are there to help you cover the liabilities that will arise during the insurance period, that is limited to any type of third-party loss or damages incurred by your second hand scooty in Bangalore. Therefore, it is recommended that you subscribe to a comprehensive insurance policy that will take care of all of your liabilities.

With the help of a comprehensive insurance package, not only your scooty’s third-party damages will be covered but also your scooty will enjoy an overall and complete protection. Before buying a second hand scooty in Bangalore make sure to talk to your insurance agent and review all the associated costs as well as options before conducting the purchase. Considering the insurance perks offered on scooty by online bike selling companies, it is better to purchase a used scooty from an online used bike selling platform.

Do not compromise and ask for a test ride

Asking for a text ride while buying a second hand bike in Bangalore is extremely important. The reason behind this is that after completing a test ride you will be able to come to a conclusion that you are purchasing a bike that can be handled by you.

Moreover, with the help of a test ride, you can also check out if the used scooty is going to satisfy your requirements. If the seat arrangement of the scooty is not comfortable enough for you, it may disrupt the ability to control and maneuver the vehicle.

Ask for a service history from the existing owner

If the used scooty you want to purchase is well maintained, it will definitely come with a previous record of maintenance. After assessing these previous records, you will be able to understand the current condition of the scooty. Moreover, if the used scooty has an existing mechanical problem you will also be able to find out about that through the maintenance history. If available, ask for the factory tool kit and the manual from the existing owner of the used vehicle.

Professionally scrutinize the bike before purchase

The whole purpose of professionally scrutinizing the bike is to find out what kind of scooty you are buying and how much more you will have to spend before making the used scooty roadworthy (although you won’t you come across this particular hassle if you buy the scooty from an online second hand bike selling platform). Seeking the help of a professional mechanic can help you understand more about the used scooty.

To avoid becoming a victim of auto theft check all the relevant paper works before finalizing the deal. The paper works include:

  • Registration certificate
  • Insurance certificate
  • Road Tax certificate
  • Sales receipt of the scooty
  • PUC certificate


Before buying a second hand bike in Bangalore it is your responsibility to conduct thorough research and mechanical check before completing the purchase. Remember the above-mention points before finalizing your deal. If you want to purchase a used scooty without any hassle then you should buy from an online second hand bike selling platform such as Beepkart, where you will find well-maintained but used scooty at an affordable rate.

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