6 Reasons Why Integrated Marketing Matters for Brands

Integrated marketing is an omnichannel marketing approach to bring a unified marketing message to customer touchpoints. The marketing effort must provide a seamless and consistent experience. By giving a unified, consistent, and seamless experience, your brand can deliver a pleasant buyer’s journey for potential customers.

On the other hand, not using integrated marketing strategies can make your brand look disorganised and sound disconnected in your marketing effort.

That is why integrated marketing matters for brands of all sizes. Let’s discover other benefits of integrated marketing for your brand.

Strengthen brand awareness

How can you strengthen your brand awareness? By producing marketing materials with consistent brand voice, tone, and identity. To do so, you need brand guidelines that will serve as the foundation for all content in your marketing efforts.

A consistent and unified brand voice, tone, and identity are in line with the basis of integrated marketing. When you deliver those content in customer touchpoints, you can strengthen your brand awareness.

Meet your audience in more than one channel

The basis of integrated marketing is an omnichannel approach. Omnichannel means a multichannel method to acquire sales by providing a seamless experience in online or offline customer touchpoints. You’re probably wondering, what is customer touchpoint? It can be your brick and mortar store or your advertising in search engine marketing.

In simple terms, integrated marketing strategies help your brand greets your target audience offline or online. As a result, you will meet them in more than one way. And when you know how to create an enjoyable experience in customer touchpoints, you can take your business to new heights.

More chance to be discovered by your target audience

The recommended practice of integrated marketing is to share the words about your goods or services on both online and offline channels. By showing up in many marketing channels, you can increase your chance to be discovered by more people who are never aware of your brand.

That is why you need to prepare your team to produce content for your integrated marketing strategy. It is because they need to market your brand in offline channels, such as:

  • Printed advertisement on MRT station
  • Lift advertising for lift
  • Media buying allows your brand to be advertised in a newspaper or magazine
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Also, bring your brand online by doing marketing on your owned media, like your website or social media.

Amplify your reach

Do not just stop on offline channels and your owned media. You also can amplify your reach by using digital channels outside your owned media.

You can achieve it by:

  • Collaborate with Youtubers, bloggers, social media influencers, podcasters
  • Use a loyalty marketing program to encourage existing customers to refer your brand to other people
  • Use social media marketing for advertising your brand on the social media platforms

Turn data into actionable insights for your brand

Analytic platforms help many brands to get data on how their marketing performs. That means a brand can gain insights for their marketing campaigns. Your brand can then turn the data into actionable insights to evaluate your marketing and create a better campaign.

You’re probably wondering how to get data for marketing campaigns in offline channels?

Create a trackable QR code linked to your website or social media, and place it on marketing materials in offline channels. That trackable QR code serves two purposes for your brand.

First, it provides a seamless experience for interested customers who want to do more research on your brand before committing to a purchase.

Next, it also helps you to obtain data on your offline campaigns. You can track how the QR code performs, like how many scans and which location receives the most scan.

Boost your customer experience

Integrated marketing means delivering unified, consistent, and seamless experiences for your audience. Therefore, your brand must also provide that experience for your customer support. Incorporating chatbots or making your brand available to be reached on WhatsApp, Telegram, or DMs can go a long way to boost your customer experience analytics.

Keep in mind that customer support is also one of the customer touchpoints. When you create a better customer experience, you can increase your chance to acquire your audience as customers or maintain brand loyalty.

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