6 Mattress Myths That Every Buyer Should Know

Whenever you buy something as crucial as a mattress, it is essential to compare features and prices across different brands. Though this might sound doable and straightforward, it is pretty cumbersome as there are a number of variables involved.

Sorting through the information clutter for choosing the best mattress might be a tedious task, and there are high chances that you might come across rumors or misinformation and end up making a wrong and uninformed decision. This is why it is essential to arm yourself with reliable information and prudently differentiate between truth and myth. Essentially, when you plan to buy a mattress online.

 To assist you in debunking the common myths about single bed mattress and making the right decision, we have put together a few common myths and the supporting facts. Here you go:

Myth 1: A Firm Mattress is Best for Your Back

Fact: For minimizing the discomfort and helping your body relax through regenerative and healing sleep, you would require a mattress that conforms to your ideal sleeping positions while providing exceptional support to your body. all-on-4 benefits, mattresses can be divided into 3 categories:

1. Soft Mattresses

These mattresses usually conform to the shape of your body; however, they might not deliver constant and equal support to your entire body.

2. Medium-Firm Mattress

These mattresses deliver equally on support and conformability, alleviating pressure point pain in your body and helping you relax deeply.

3. High-Firm Mattress

These mattresses provide good support to your body but have lower conformability, which might lead to pain in the pressure points of your body. However, a few people might feel comfortable sleeping on these mattresses.

Myth 2: Replace Your Mattress Frequently

Fact: If you invest in a superior quality mattress in one go, you might not have to replace your mattress frequently. It stays in a good and usable condition for around 7-10 years. Moreover, a few renowned brands like Duroflex even offer 7-10 years of warranty, keeping you worry-free about the durability of your mattress. You can even visit their website to buy mattresses online.

You can consider your mattress as your sleep’s performance gear. Just like you need a pair of good-quality running shoes to run faster and win the race, you need a comfortable and supportive mattress to experience healthier and restful sleep to win your following day.

Myth 3: Thicker Mattress is Better

Fact: It is not essential that a thicker mattress will be more comfortable and supportive. A thinner mattress manufactured with more natural and heavier comfort ingredients would be better and comfortable in contrast to a thicker mattress manufactured with fluff and air. Usually, fluff gives the false impression of comfort.

Myth 4: Foam Mattresses are Hot

Fact: Irrespective of the type of mattress you sleep on, you are highly likely to be sleeping on foam. Traditionally, memory foam mattresses were known for radiating heat. However, the new and advanced mattresses having air vents in edges, cool gel, or 3D mesh borders keep the memory foam mattresses cool, helping maintain the ideal sleep temperature.

Myth 5: Cover is the Essential Part of the Mattress

Fact: Ideally, this is not true but becomes the basis of many people’s decisions while buying a kids mattress online or in-store. The cover would play an important role if it is manufactured with natural ingredients which give you health benefits; otherwise, always keep in mind that it is the type of material with which the mattress is manufactured that matters.

Myth 6: Couples/Sleeping Partners Have to Compromise on Firmness

Fact: Usually, the preferences of two people sharing the same bed vary significantly, and one might have to compromise. Or, they might have to find common ground unwillingly.

However, with the wide variety of mattresses available, couples or sleeping partners need not compromise. They can easily settle for mattresses that provide excellent comfort and support to both partners.

So, these were a few myths that you need to take off your mind before you buy a mattress online or in-store. People might decide just the mattress type they should go for without paying much attention to the brand. However, the brand plays a significant role here. It is essential to buy the preferable type of mattress from a reliable and renowned brand like Duroflex. They have been in the industry for a couple of years and provide reliable products with reasonable years of warranty and other additional benefits. Head to their website to learn more about their products and services.

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