6 Makeup Trends We Need to Say Goodbye To

Makeup trends are all the fad nowadays, with social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram contributing to the distribution and circulation of said makeup trends. However, everyone should have limits and boundaries – and this is where we would like to put a stop to some makeup trends, regardless of whether they are still in fashion or not.

It’s time to say goodbye to the following makeup trends:

1. Funky Brows

We’ve had enough of these funky and weird brow looks! While they might have been fun and exciting in the beginning as a trend, we doubt that anyone actually goes outside with these types of brows. For example, does anybody remember the wave brows trend? While interesting, who actually wore these brows outside? While this makeup look wasn’t in vogue for long, we’re hoping it stays behind closed doors.

2. Overlined Lips

Not everyone can afford lip fillers, which is why overlined lips became a trend after the obsession with Kylie Jenner’s lips several years ago. What was meant to make your lips fuller only made lips appear horrendous, which is why we’d like to bid farewell to this makeup trend. It only works if you know how to overline your lips properly. So, for now, we’d like to say goodbye to this trend and encourage confidence in your natural lips!

3. Extreme Highlighter

Highlighter is a great way to highlight the highest peaks of your face, illuminating cheekbones and more for a glowy look. However, the line between glowy and blinding needs to be established. While this trend is fun for joining the bandwagon on social media, it can be unflattering in real life – especially in the summer months or in places with a lot of lighting. Your highlighter could be making you stick out like a sore thumb – and not in a good way.

3. Sharp and Harsh Contour

Speaking of unflattering makeup looks, harsh contour is a makeup trend that we’d love to say goodbye to. It might look appealing on camera, showcasing your sharp jawline and cheekbones, but it probably appears the opposite in real life. This is because the harsh contour trend sees minimal blending for that pointed look, but trust us when we say that you’re better off blending it!

4. Faux Freckles

This is definitely a hot take, but faux freckles is a makeup trend that we wouldn’t mind leaving the realm of makeup. Yes, they’re cute and can make you look even cuter, but only for pictures. It’s difficult to fully replicate freckles, so if you’re not born with them, you could end up looking like you have random dark spots on your face. Instead, let’s make use of our natural features and accentuate them!

5. The ‘Wet’ Look

Although ‘wet makeup’ is meant to make you look cool and sleek, we think it can have an adverse effect. There’s a difference between ‘wet’ and ‘dewy’, and going overboard on the ‘wet’ aspect does not make you look more dewy. In fact, you could look extra greasy and look like you’ve been sweating buckets from doing nothing. But, that’s just our opinion!

So, what makeup trends are you willing to say goodbye to?