6 All-Time Favorite Bucket List Adventures in Abu Dhabi

Adventures are abundant in Abu Dhabi. From riding the world’s fastest rollercoaster to skydiving in the largest indoor flight chamber, the UAE capital promises more thrilling spots than most cities in the Middle East.

Many of these adventures are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that may just be what you need to complete your bucket list. If you’re not sure what Abu Dhabi has to offer, then you’re in the right place.

This article includes a list of the six all-time crowd-favorite Abu Dhabi adventures that usually make it to a lot of people’s bucket lists:

1. Roller coaster rides

In general, you probably don’t look at roller coaster rides as a bucket-list-worthy experience. In fact, some might even consider these rides somewhat casual and nothing close to an adventurous ride you’re after for your daredevil list.

But that’s about to change.

In November 2010, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi introduced its hallmark ride and the fastest rollercoaster in the world: Formula Rossa.

With this ride, Ferrari World offers guests a chance to reach an impressive height of more than 170 feet before dropping at speeds that can go as fast as 150 miles per hour. Mimicking what it’s like to ride a Formula 1 race car, Formula Rossa reaches its top speed in less than 5 seconds.

Of course, speed isn’t just the only thing that Abu Dhabi roller coasters are known for. Also found in Ferrari World is Flying Aces – the roller coaster with the tallest loop.

With an impressive 51-degree incline, this 206-foot-high roller coaster will turn your world upside down at 33 miles per hour. Ultimately, it aims to give you that gravity-defying experience you’re longing for, combined with down flips and non-inverted loops.

2. Indoor skydiving

The textbook choice for bucket lists is braving your fears. This might explain why one of the extreme activities on top of most people’s lists is skydiving.

But you don’t need to (literally) reach the sky to do so – indoor skydiving chambers are more than enough, especially CLYMB.

At the CLYMB Abu Dhabi, you’ll find that falling from great heights inside the world’s largest indoor flight chamber offers an entirely different thrill than falling from a plane.

At a record-breaking height of 104 feet and width of 32 feet, this ultramodern flight chamber has revolutionized indoor skydiving not only in the UAE but also for the whole world.

Compared to the usual four-fan mechanism found in other flight chambers, CLYMB has 16 powerful fans that will push you to new heights – literally. Add that to the structure’s stature, considered the tallest in the world, and you have an experience like no other.

Newbies are welcome, of course. Expert instructors are ready to guide you through your flight, so you’re perfectly safe no matter your skill and experience level in this activity.

The equipment and gear for the experience, like harnesses and wind tunnel suits, are also available for rent (sanitized and disinfected extensively after every use).

3. Dune bashing

If you’re looking for an adventure that you can only do in a desert city, you’ll want to include dune bashing on your Abu Dhabi bucket list.

Considered as one of the best of its kind in the region, the UAE capital’s dune bashing experiences offer similar excitement you may get from a rollercoaster. Though a bit scary at times, this experience is definitely worth trying.

If you’re not sure where to complete this task on your list, you can head down to Al Khatem in a 45-minute drive from Al Ain Road. There, you’ll find lots of sand dunes seemingly designed for off-roading.

Many desert safaris in Abu Dhabi offer morning and evening trips, complete with buggies and SUVs for rent. Some even offer an overnight safari where you can experience Bedouin-style camping.

4. Tomb exploration

If you’re a fan of Indiana Jones and the Tomb Raider, there’s a good chance that you’ll find the Jebel Hafeet Tombs worth trying out. In fact, this is the perfect place to go if your bucket list includes tomb exploration.

Nestled at the foothills of Jebel Hafeet – the highest peak in Abu Dhabi, you’ll find scenes like those from Indiana Jones and Star Wars come to life. There, you can go on a guided hike around the single-chamber tombs that look like igloos made of stones in the desert.

More than 500 of these five millennium-old tombs once contained copper artifacts and ceramic vessels that prove the significance of maritime trade in the Arabian Gulf.

5. Water sports

Just because the UAE is made up of deserts doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be any water-related adventures here. The UAE capital remains a favorite playground among enthusiasts of various kinds of water sports.

Be it jet skiing, paddleboarding, or scuba diving; there’s plenty on offer in Abu Dhabi for people who like water sports. There are even more you can try as a newbie looking to add something fun and new to your bucket list.

How does parasailing or windsurfing with your partner sound? Or perhaps flyboarding in the waters near the corniche is more your style? Whatever the case, the calm and glittering waters of Abu Dhabi offer a fantastic venue for some water-based adventures.

6. Adventure safaris

Some Abu Dhabi safaris offer more than just dune bashing and Bedouin-style camping.

At Sir Bani Yas Island, you can also go on an educational adventure about the native animal species in the UAE. The whole island is a wildlife reserve that offers sanctuary to many species of birds and animals.

More than 17,000 animals roam freely here, which means you may have a chance to get up close and personal with some species you’ll find in few landscapes other than the desert, including:

  • Arabian oryx
  • Gazelles
  • Ostriches
  • Giraffes
  • Hyenas
  • Cheetahs

Besides partaking in an adventure safari, you can also go kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking across the savannah and surrounding waters.

Time to plan your next Abu Dhabi adventure

Bucket lists are all about trying out things you don’t normally do.

Conducting thorough research about adventures in Abu Dhabi can mean adding many interesting things to your list, starting with the best ones listed here.