55 inch 4K Smart TV: TOP 3 models for sharp – true images

The 55-inch TV has a large screen size and a series of intelligent picture technologies, allowing viewers to enjoy a sharp, and vivid picture experience with 4K resolution. The following article will introduce you to 3 “extremely hot” 55 inch 4K Smart TV models that you should not miss, follow along!

1. Smart TV LG 55UQ7550PSF 4K 55 inch

The LG 55UQ7550PSF TV model has a sophisticated slim bezel design and an upside-down V-shaped stand, bringing elegance and modernity when displayed in every corner of the room. With a thickness of only 2.35 cm, Smart TV LG 55UQ7550PSF creates the luxury and class of an ultra-thin smart TV.

4K AI Upscaling technology improves and enhances 4K standard picture quality, regardless of input image quality, making images displayed in a sharp and realistic way. AI Sound and AI Acoustic Tuning sound technologies help optimize the sound according to entertainment content and enjoyment space, giving you emotional and impressive moments of listening to music or watching movies.

LG 55UQ7550PSF TV with a modern and elegant design

Currently, this TV model at Manh Nguyen Electronics Supermarket is having a promotion up to 57%, only VND 8,690,000. So, come to Manh Nguyen immediately to have the opportunity to buy yourself this cult TV model LG 55UQ7550PSF and receive the most attractive offers.

2. Google TV Sony 4K 55 inch KD-55X85K

Google TV Sony 4K 55 inch KD-55X85K is rated to break all limits with an ultra-thin screen design suitable for all spaces and a range of leading picture and sound technologies, delivering moving movies. smooth, realistic, awakening all senses of the viewer.

Sony 55X85K TV possesses a sophisticated design and a series of leading picture and sound technologies

Google TV Sony 4K 55 inch not only impresses users with its low cost, but also creates trust thanks to its picture quality, sharp sound, and optimal power consumption. With relatively outstanding price and quality, the device is suitable for low-cost users who want to find a product that satisfies their entertainment needs. A TV with item code 55X85K will definitely be a super product with a moderate screen, suitable for installation in family spaces, classrooms, or cafes with an area of ​​15 – 20 square meters.

3. Google TV Sony 4K 55 inch KD-55X81DK

Google TV Sony KD-55X81DK 55-inch 4K impresses users with its flat surface and ultra-thin bezel, increasing harmony with the installation space. The device brings an explosive entertainment experience to users with Triluminos Pro color enhancement technology and an X-Balanced Speaker multi-way speaker system. In addition, the Sony KD-55X81K TV also features a smart Bravia Cam connection that allows users to use Video Chat or control the TV with gestures instead of using the remote control.

Google TV Sony KD-55X81DK 55 inch 4K brings a sharp picture experience, true color

Hope the above article helps you find a 55 inch 4K Smart TV model suitable for your living space. With a relatively large 55-inch size and a series of smart features, especially the ultra-sharp 4K screen, the above TV models promise to bring users impressive entertainment moments.

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