5 Tips Matching Ties Shirts & Jackets

Matching your ties, shirts, and jackets can be a daunting task. But with a little know-how, it’s easy to create outfits that look sharp and are sure to turn heads. Here are 5 tips to help you mix and match these essential items of clothing like a pro. 

1. It is important that the tie complements the shirt and jacket.

It is not smart to buy a jacket and shirt to match your ties.

This is like having your garage door match your lawnmower’s color.

Focus on matching your accessories and shirt with your most expensive items (suits or jackets). Start with the most expensive items first, then work your way down to less-expensive items such as your tie.

The following priority should be used to purchase the item in question:

  • Jackets/Suits: It doesn’t really matter if you’re looking for a blazer, sports jacket or a suit. This will likely be the most costly item. To avoid having to limit the number of items you can match your jacket with, try to buy it in neutral colors. A navy blue blazer is easier to match than a blazer in a checkered design.
  • Shirt: This is your second investment. It should be conservative, but you can have some fun with it. Solid shirts in blue and white are the best, but you can start to incorporate pink, grey, and subtle pinstripes.
  • Tie: Although ties can be costly depending on the place they were made and the fabric used, you can still get one at a very affordable price. While ties can be fun and show off your personality, you should also consider the colors and patterns on your jacket and shirts.

2. Tie Fabric & Styles.

There are so many ties out there that men can get lost when matching their jackets and shirts. A bow tie pin can add sophistication and elegance to your look. It’s a great way for you to show your personality, while keeping it professional. Every day, new types of ties seem to appear.

3. Tie Colors.

It’s easy to stick to colors that are cooler than the rest, such as royal purple, olive green, and deep blue.

This will allow you to match a variety of jackets and shirts, provided they are simple in design and light colors.

Warmer-toned tie colors are a great way to draw attention to yourself.

A navy blue or charcoal suit is a good choice for a red, orange or yellow tie. This suits well if you’re giving a presentation or running meetings.

4. Tie Proportions

There are many lengths and sizes of tie. The width is the most noticeable difference, especially if there are differences in the proportions.

You should aim for a tie that is approximately 3 to 3.5 inches wide or close to the width of your lapel.

Any larger than that and the tie will look too heavy and take over the most important parts of your jacket. Too thin, and you will look big/trendy.

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5. Tie Patterns.

If If there was ever an article of clothing that thrives in a variety of colors and patterns, it would be the tie. Although options are great for men, they can also lead to confusion.

Listed below are a few examples of the types of ties you can find at your local menswear store.

  • Small repeating patterns
  • Stripes (from wide to thin)
  • Paisley
  • Dots
  • Solids

There is one thing you must keep in mind: Your tie pattern should never match your shirt pattern exactly.

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