5 Tips and Tricks When You Are Ordering Flowers Online 

Whether you’re trying to get a bouquet for a date with your partner or you’re trying to send a loved one some flowers, it’s always confusing. 

Knowing what bouquet to get, whether they’re the right quality or the right size, and even if you’re buying from the right shop can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few simple things to look out for, like their customer service options and their online reviews. 

If you want to know more about how to order flowers online, keep reading. We have some pretty useful tips that’ll help you make sure that your special occasion stays special. 

1. Check Independent Reviews 

We’ve all heard the horror stories about wilted flowers and bouquets that looked nothing like what was shown on the website, which is why it’s important to check with other people what their online flower shopping experience has been like in a particular store. 

On the other hand, you can just ask someone you know if they can recommend a flower shop they’ve had a good experience with. Most times, the shops and businesses you find like this are a safe bet. 

You can also ask people in online communities or scour independent review websites to look for the right one, and you can read up on several blogs that recommend online stores for you to buy from. 

2. What’s Customer Service Like? 

A good flower shop will have great customer service that’s available to answer most of your questions. They should be responsive and provide clear solutions for whatever problem you have or anything that you need help with. 

Try contacting them before you place your order and asking them some questions, like where these flowers come from, what bouquets they would recommend for certain occasions, and how the flowers arrived at the place of delivery. 

Only proceed if you feel like customer service is responsive and helpful, and that they would be available to help you in case things went wrong with your order. 

3. Delivery Options 

A lot of flower shops might charge a big chunk of change for same day delivery, but you can save a lot of money by ordering your flowers a few days in advance. 

You’ll also need to check what packaging the flowers come in, or whether they’re made to last  a few hours without being put in water too. This isn’t usually the case with a lot of flowers in various shops, whose stems simply come covered in paper. 

But this isn’t to say there are no shops that would be able to help you get your hands on some flowers that last longer – it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. 

4. What Styles do They Offer 

A well established website for a proper florist will have a whole range of flower arrangements you can choose from, and they’ll be more than happy to accommodate any special requests or custom designs. 

It’s a major red flag if they don’t have anything like this available on their website or if most of the photos are poor quality, badly cropped, or look like they weren’t taken from a single source. In that case, chances are that the florist will not be able to give you the same quality arrangements, but something similar to it. 

5. Seasonal Flowers Will Be Cheaper 

If you’re looking for flowers online, try to make sure you’re buying types that are grown locally and are in season. Buying flowers in the winter might mean that they’re imported. In that  case, they may carry a huge price tag and an even bigger carbon footprint. This is because most of these flowers were grown in warmer parts of the world and flown into the country for shops and online stores. 

On the other hand, locally grown flowers are cheaper and not nearly as harmful for the environment. Before you buy flowers, go on the internet and find out which ones are in season. You can also ask the online seller to help you with choosing locally grown flowers. 

You don’t need to worry even if you’re buying flowers in the winters though – your options may be a bit more limited but there are certain flowers that bloom all year round, and also ones that only bloom in the winters. 

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