5 Things You Should Know About Blonde 613 wigs


What are 613 wigs? Did you feel weird when you heard this name for the first time? You may easily understand what lace wigs, headband wigs, u part wigs, curly wigs are. As for 613 wigs? At least it’s hard to tell its characteristics from the name.

Actually, 613 is a shade of hair dye. Generally speaking, people call wigs close to this color 613 wigs. Or, to be more specific, would call it blonde 613 wigs. Yes, the answer is revealed. 613 This color is blonde. 613 wigs are blonde 613 color wigs.

Here are 5 more things you should know about 613 wigs.

1. 613 wigs are the wigs for anyone

Blonde 613 is a color that’s popular around the world in almost every country. Blonde 613 wigs are suitable for people of any color. If you pay any attention to fashion, you’ll notice that the European hair color is very close to this color. In the Continent, blonde 613 wigs were also a fashionable choice for black men. In Asia, Korean and Japanese actresses also frequently display their blonde 613-colored hair on Instagram.

do you understand what I mean? I mean, the blonde 613 wigs are for anyone. Its bright, pure, angel-like color can make any race special. If angel wings have color, then blonde 613 is the color that is the least angel wing color. The change in temperament and style that Blonde 613 wigs give you is so immediate and obvious. You really should have a 613 wigs!

2. Blonde 613 wigs can be dyed any other color

Blonde 613 is the lightest shade. If it’s like dyeing it another color, it’s just fine. The 613 wig accepts any other hair dye very quickly and can do it with incredible efficiency. In the process of dyeing the 613 wigs to other colors, you don’t need to do any more bleaching on this wig. Yes, you don’t need to do any bleaching on it. I also don’t recommend doing more bleaching on your 613 wigs. Because it damages the hair quality. Doing more bleaching can make the 613 wig brittle and frizz-prone.

3. Blonde 613 wigs frontal lace wigs are the most natural looking wigs

If you need a wig that shows off your frontal hairline. Then you should buy blonde 613 frontal lace wigs.

In the world of wigs, lace wigs are the ones that give you the most natural look. Among all kinds of lace wigs, frontal lace wigs are one of the most practical options. If you buy a closure lace wig, then you have some restrictions on styling your hair. If you buy 360 lace wigs, full lace wigs, you will spend more money. Therefore, frontal lace wigs are just the right choice.

4. Blonde 613 wigs are also available in styles that can be installed without glue

Buying glueless wigs is a must if you don’t like the feel of glue. Among the 613 wigs, there are also some styles that can be installed without glue. For example, blonde 613 headband wigs and blonde 613 closure wigs. You might wonder why blonde 613 closure wigs include a lace part but don’t require glue to assist in installation. This is because the lace part of the blonde 613 closure wigs is rather limited. Its lace area is only 4×4 inches, so no glue is used to aid in the installation, and it will fit close to your skin.

5. Blonde 613 wigs require more attention to maintenance and preservation than ordinary wigs

Although 613 wigs can make you stand out in a crowd, pretty. But it is undeniable that it also has corresponding determinations. Compared with other normal wigs, 613 wigs are more fragile. I mean, it’s probably less resistant to abrasion and bending. More specifically, you’ll find that 613 wigs tend to frizz more easily than regular human hair wigs. And it may not feel as smooth as a natural black wig.

This is because it has fewer hair scales than ordinary wigs. So you need to pay more attention to the maintenance of 613 wigs. I recommend that you maintain 613 wig with conditioner at least weekly. And avoid using a hair dryer to air dry.

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