5 Online Mediums Offering Free Psychic Readings

One of the many things that modern technology has made more accessible is talking to a psychic medium. There are some psychics out there who offer readings for free, which can help you decide if they’re right for your needs or not before getting into an expensive monthly plan with them later down the line- especially when these same individuals may also be able to provide discounts during holiday seasons. You can find more information on here – https://www.juneauempire.com/national-marketplace/psychic-reading-online-best-psychics-sites-of-2021/

Scott Angel

Scott Angel is the spiritual guru of many people who are unable to find answers on their own. He has a weekly internet radio show where he talks with guests about various topics related to life, love, and death among other things that can’t be seen or touched in order for him to help others achieve enlightenment through guidance from an afterlife communicator.

KeenPsychics is the perfect place for those who want a more in-depth reading with Scott Angel. You get three free minutes when you make your first purchase, and it’s available on KeenPyshcics’ website as well.

Michael Gourley

Michael Gourley is a Chicago-based psychic medium known for his ability to communicate with loved ones on the other side. He can help you locate closure and give guidance in enabling your healing process so that everything may finally feel right again.

Michael spends a lot of his time giving away free psychic readings to those who want them. He does this in order to help others connect with their loved ones on the other side, and he posts these giveaways each month on Facebook as well as announcing winners every week via social media channels like Twitter.

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Psychic Access

We all have a psychic intuition that tells us things about other people. If you’re looking for someone to talk with, or just need some guidance in your life Psychic Access offers every new client a free 6-minute reading. The only requirement? You must complete their easy registration process and be accepted onto the network after which any available psychics will contact you personally- no strings attached.

One of America’s Ten Best online networks according to Psychics4today.com says it best when they say “You deserve accurate information on who is helping you.


Oranum is a free chat room where psychics can provide readings to members. With unlimited medium chats for the low price of 9 cents per minute, Oranums offers an affordable way to get your fortune told without breaking too many budgets.

As it turns out, Oranum is not the only website that offers free chat rooms. There are many websites where you can find a psychic medium and communicate without paying any money for their services.


It’s possible to find some talented psychics on Keen. With its lack of screening process, however, it is always best for an individual medium with less experience or credibility in their field of work than others may offer before giving them the opportunity to well-review prior reviews online first.

The app is easy to use and offers a convenient way for customers who want access without having long-term commitments. There’s also no contract, so you can cancel at any time with just one click of the button. If something isn’t working right or you’re not satisfied with your reading experience we’ll give credits up until $25 that will be automatically applied onto next month’s bill.

Use Caution Online

When it comes to your finances, do not make the mistake of trusting a reading website that requires credit card information before offering access to free readings. If you decide on ordering one nonetheless and use PayPal as an option in payment processing then there’s no need to provide this sensitive data because those who want help can always buy from other sources without revealing their financial info.

A legitimate medium won’t ask you for any personal information, and it’s important that they respect your privacy. If a reading sounds too good to be true then there may have been some kind of scam going on behind the scenes- so do research before hiring them.

Talk to a Medium for Free

Have you ever thought about what would happen if an actor, musician, or athlete tried to make a living by giving short readings? The people who take offense are usually the ones that have spent their lives working on communicating with those in the afterlife. If this is something important for your loved one – whether they be alive now but believe it’s necessary at death–you should consider hiring them professionally so their voice can reach everyone concerned.