5 LinkedIn Algorithm Tips No One Will Tell You

Let’s face it, LinkedIn is quite difficult. One time it could show your content to everyone, then in your next post it hides your post from your connections… simple as that.

But don’t let frustration get to you… because I’m here to spill some of the secrets that most of us marketers know, but in the case you don’t, here they are…

!! Tip #1: Don’t Post Multiple Times Per Day !!

If we post so much every day, we’re bound to get engagement, right?


Every consecutive post you make AFTER your first post will reach fewer people – that’s just how LinkedIn’s algorithm works. If you look at your analytics, you’ll see the pattern that supports this tip.

So only post once a day, or twice at a maximum per day… If you’re doing 2 posts a day, wait at least 8 hours from when you posted the first one until you hit that post button for the second one!

!! Tip #2: Don’t Add Links To Your Posts !!

Think of LinkedIn like a toxic girlfriend or boyfriend… it hates it when we check out somebody else or even recommend someone else to our connections. LinkedIn doesn’t like it when its users leave the LinkedIn platform, so don’t make posts that have external links.

Whenever LinkedIn’s algorithm picks up on a link in any of your posts, it’ll immediately decrease the potential reach of the post. LinkedIn wants users to stay on the platform as much as they can and you should get creative and use this to your advantage.

!! Tip #3: Don’t Go Fishing For Interaction !!

“Tag your friend”

“Share this post”

“Like and share this post”

Yea, long story short, it’s best to avoid these because LinkedIn will shut you down QUICK. It’s crazy, I know, but LinkedIn’s algorithm is consistently trying to promote genuine conversations and engagement.

The best way to work around this is to change the way you “talk” by instead asking questions or to change the way you say call to actions… get creative. I’ll leave this up to you.

!! Tip #4: Use Storytelling Marketing To Speak To Audience In A Deeper Level !!

I can’t stress enough how much more powerful storytelling marketing is than normal marketing. Yet people refuse to use creative ways to market themselves and instead focus on copying everybody else because that’s the only thing that works.

This is so far from the truth.

When I first discovered I could you use comics as part of my marketing strategy, I first laughed at the thought of it. Seriously.

It wasn’t until I saw the results of my first few posts that I realised how powerful this is. I was getting more than 10x engagement and views on my posts consistently.  

This is not a coincidence. 

And therefore, I think this is the number 4 best tip there is for beating the LinkedIn Algorithm.

!! Tip #5: Engage Before You Post !!

Exactly what is written.

Before you make a post, take at least 10 minutes to engage with your LinkedIn connections. Try catching up with those who are online through messages or comment on their posts.

This way, you’re warming up the algorithm (and showing LinkedIn you’re serious about making genuine engagement and connections).

Once you’re done with this, post your content, and reply to the comments underneath it. The more activity your post gets, the more visibility you’ll get.

Let me know if these tips were helpful and if you knew about any of these. Hope it helps some of you generate more leads.